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Hi all, im a newbie here but let me explain my story. About 2 1/2 years ago i got an overdraft of $500 dollars at my credit union that i was in (San Mateo Credit Union to be exact). Around the same time i lost my job and was unable to pay my bank back, after a certain time they sent me a letter saying that they reported me to the collections agency, and a few weeks later i got a letter from the collection agency asking to pay up but to my luck i was still un employed and had no job or money whatsoever. I recently got employed again and wanted somewhere i could deposit my money, so today i opened and account at BBVA compass bank. To my suprise it went fairly well, i was able to open a checking and savings account. But now im reading online that theres a possibility i could be shut down by somethimg called the EWS? If i was reported to a collection agency is there a possibility i was also reported to them? I deposited a fair amount of money, so im kind of worried something will go wrong, had anyone had similar problems? How can i know if i was reported to the ews?

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Hello, I'm new to this site....I was curious what ever happened to your account if it closed or stayed open? Does anyone have any info on BBVA Compass bank? I just opened an account there today and I had no issues. I went to Chase and Bank of America and was turned down for checking accounts. I know many people claim EWS will result in closure but was curious if anyone had any recent updates...


Thank you

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The last post in this topic was posted 2665 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By neveragain2014
      I just found this service called Chex Approval. They claim to get your chexsystem cleared. Has anybody used this or aware of a competitor? What was your experience?
      Get your negatives cleared for a fee from a site with no named personnel or testimonials ---I'm skeptical.
      And would this work more certainly or faster than just writing a good will letter?
    • By Dan1004
      Hello. I saw a post a few weeks ago about BBVA Compass regarding EWS I was just curious if anyone has any info on this. I just opened up a checking and savings account and was curious if this account will be closed? Other banks told me no before the account was even opened so I was just curious how this may play out? any help, advice, or comments would be awesome...
    • By neveragain2014
      So here is my situation:
      -My checking account was closed after an overdraft and that amount plus fees (~$700 with fees) were put into Chexsystem
      -I have a closed, charged off credit card account where I owe ~$3500, with Capital One
      -Capital One merged with my old bank so both accounts are with Cap1
      I have no checking account. I use Serve, and cash. I also have a ReadyDebit prepaid account that I dont actively use anymore (Serve is better)
      I am about to receive a large check for helping some relatives renovate and sell some property. Next week I will be receiving a 4 or low-5 figure check.
      How and where can I deposit it?
      I have not tried to open a checking account and have not had the funds to payoff the accounts until now. I would like to negotiate my settlements in good faith and start a checking account somewhere without Capitol One just taking it off the top.
    • By gozu
      Hi folks,
      360 days ago, I opened a secured credit card with capital one to rebuild/repair my poor credit with a $1000 deposit. I've always paid it on time and today I just received a pre-approved offer from them.
      I only currently have their secured mastercard and an american express charge card so I figured it'd be good for my score if I got another credit card. I called them to see if I could convert my secured credit card (credit limit was $1000 a year ago, $1450 now) into an unsecured credit card but they said they don't do that.
      How should I go about getting my Grand back without hurting my credit? Should I sacrifice a goat? If so, what words should I chant as I'm doing it?
      I would appreciate the advice.
      Thank you!
    • By SeattleAD
      My brother had a stroke in August. He is totally disabled (can't even sign his name). I have gone to court to get a conservatorship so I can direct his care, file for SSI etc. In applying for SSI today, I learned he needed a checking account in his name to receive the benefits. I also found out he has such bad credit that the credit union I normally bank with won't even open an account for him with me as conservator (I have excellent credit). Does anyone know of a bank/credit union that is legit that I can open an account with for him? Social Security is all electronic now so I must have this for him. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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