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I have some questions hope someone has answers to. So, been repairing my credit for some time now. In the past two years I was able to have 20 or so items removed from my reports. But, in me going so my score dropped points mainly because I been applying for credit cards but have not secured one. I tried several secured cards and was denied for all except capital one witch oddly was the same card I had a charge off with in the past. I have not signed a contract with them just because they want me to send them $300.00 and in return the would send me a card in like 8 weeks dont sound practical to me. So I've been reading on other options and my main option I am drawn to is a secured card from my local credit union. But once again I was flat out denied. So I asked If I can be a authorized user on my daughters card and I was told that that would not help me improve my credit at all the dont report on authorized users reports and that was a myth that it will help my score is this true because if it is I dont know what to believe any more almost every thing I read on the net says thats the way to go. Please if some one could clarify thanks

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You need some positive trade lines to help rebuild. If you can't get a secured card from a credit union, then you should get the Capital One secured card. Becoming an authorized user on a good credit card with positive history that reports to the bureaus will be beneficial for you. Some banks report authorized users and some do not.

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Landmark? Oh you must be in Milwaukee. I would strongly suggest you take that Cap1 card. Why would you app for it if when you got approved you still didn't get it? It sounds like it's possible that Cap1 is the only one that's going to accept you. You will receive your card much quicker than 8 weeks and I think their minimum deposit options are $49, $99, or $199. If your reports are as bad as they sound you should bite the bullet and get the Cap1. There are other options that don't do a hard pull but I would get that Cap1.



does anyone know if landmark credit union reports to authorized users

If I knew the answer to this I definitely would have answered your question but unfortunately I do not.

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does anyone know if landmark credit union reports to authorized users


Doesn't hurt to call and ask....that's what DW and I did when we wanted to add each other to accounts.


Comenity is one that doesn't.

Kohls does.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2494 days ago. 


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