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2.15% Checking, .75% Savings


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2.15% on Checking, up to $25,000.


.75% on Savings, up to $250,000.


I'm not sure how far their reach is, or who can join.


Was driving home and saw this advertisement at one of the branches.




Checking rate requires 12 debit transactions, 1 ACH auto pay and e-statements.


Completing all of the checking requirements gives the rate for savings, as well.


Don't know if it's a hard pull to join and I don't know which bureau they use if there is a hard.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2760 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By MJPEREZ77
      Hello Everyone! I know there have been comments and opinions made on liquidity and where to keep it. Right now Citibank is offering their Citi Gold Checking account with $400 Bonus. I know that many of you have cash sitting in CU's and Banks, just wanted to get your valued opinions on whether this is a good option to put cash in or if there are better options. Mind you, the goal here isn't to see any type of return as I do not want to lock in the cash to any time frame. Again, thank you all for your guidance and help! Have a great day!!
    • By virtualtreasure
      Haven't been late on a revolving acct in >2 decades except by a couple of days on rare occassion, just a small handful of times (can't say the same for SLs).
      As it turned out, glad the oversights were with PSECU and PenFed, neither of who responded with a nose dive on internal (read: Amex) score, late fee or requirement to request a reversal of it- due to a standard grace period.
      Luv me some majors, but diversity is king and CU can take the bite out of a slip up, give some good product with great CLs/rates/ member relations and warm fuzzies.
      They're not for the feint of heart necessarily but offer more than amateurish displays for so many of us, to be fair.
      Our fav big banks don't always have the staying power we had imagined when an economic downturn hits either.
      The mini panick attack, when reviewing accounts and realizing, doh! PSECU was somehow not set up for auto-pay and already 12 hours late vs the relief felt after called in to see it wasn't going to be an issue is still fresh in my mind
      How has your local, regional or major CU been a player for you? Please post CUmbaya moments here
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      Please visit IFAP for Direct Loan Interest Rates for loans first disbursed on or after July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015:


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      Does anyone have experience opening a Business Checking account at a credit union? I need to open an account in the name of a joint activity for several 501© non-profiits. Can we open a Checking account in the name of the joint group without creating a separate tax id? Can we just use my social or the tax id's of one of the non-profits involved? I'm a member at most of the big credit unions, are any of them particularly good for opening a business checking account, as in they have zero fees on the account with no balance requirements?
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      Hi all... there was a site that listed what the cap amount of interest could be charged per loan - does anyone know what the site is?
      It listed personal, pay day, auto, etc. I'm looking for California specifically.

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