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what you need before issuing a 623 OC letter?


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Ok, I have made great progress on this thorny OC listing that has gone onto the 4th or 5th collector. The current collector has not approached me. The account is out of SOL for the CC's home state which prevails in NY. I have found several discrepancies between prior CRA reports and the information that I have accessed.


Most importantly, I found my records showing 1.) a missing payment never reported 2.) three instances of deceptive collecting 3.) an incorrect date of first delinquency and.... Drumroll....


They don't have the credit contract on my account. It was back in 2004 when just a few months after I got a Fleet credit card, Bank of America took over their credit card operations. They report the correct date of my Fleet contract but ... after hanging on with quite a few customer service/internal collection managers, they state that it was passed on to the last collector/JDB... Since I already know that their records are not in perfect order, I doubt that the JDB will even bother,since it is two years out of SOL...


Now, since their reporting states that date, and since they don't have the contract, do I just write them a 623 letter and throw in the other issues or do I just demand a copy of the contract? Do I have to ask Experian to 'validate" the information or should/can I just pound on Bank of America directly/ THIS WILL BE MY LAST OC (assuming that Dell takes a 100% pay for delete on a dead SOL>>>).. What do I need to do or have to have this be a fully documented 623 letter? thank you all. This has taken a day to round this all up so... I am anxious to send it off if ok... I have disputed this account with Experian for other reasons but I am not sure if I have to re-dispute on credit contract...

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The last post in this topic was posted 3203 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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