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80k combined income--what we looking at pre-approval wise

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First post here--find this site pretty interesting....just seeing if anybody will have a general answer. Both making about 40k a year, she's a teacher, credit score 748, I'm in the 650's, probably will have around 35-40k to put down. No car loans, both paid off--taxes around 4800 a year, insurance around 850 a year...she has a $300 a month student loan payment, low cc debt, and I have only 1 card, that's paid off monthly. Other housing expenses about 5-600 a month. My guesses around 225-240? am I way off?



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Welcome to the forum -you sound like you have plenty of income Hard to say a total but with the combined income and down payment you shouldnt have any issues getting a loan for that amount

You should decide on a payment you are comfortable with and see if that works in your area - at least thats a place to start - if the homes are more than you want to pay you have to decide iuf it is worth the extra every month - eventually it gets easier as the payment will stay the same and the income etc will go up over time

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The last post in this topic was posted 2353 days ago. 


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      Hello All!  I am new here and I really need some help.  Back in 2011, I had a foreclosure and a repossession.  Those dropped off my credit reports earlier this year.  Because of those, I haven't been able to get approved for any credit except a car loan with a co-signor (American Credit Acceptance) that I had all good payment history and then paid off in 2015.  I have been driving a lease car from a friend since then, so not in my name and now that friend can no longer provide the lease, so I have to buy a car.  The only other item on my credit reports is a credit card my ex-wife had with my name on it as well that she ended up not paying and settling with them (about $1360).  
      Just pulled my credit reports.  TU is 617 but both Experian and Equifax has no credit score!  They say it's because I don't have enough credit history, but how can I get any if I can't get a credit card??
      Anyway, I spoke with Carfinance.com and they use Experian.  If I had a 500 with them, I could get a loan.  
      I make over $100,000/year but I am self-employed as a consultant, though it is quite regular.  I am looking to borrow between $20k and $25k and I will have $10k to put down.  What is my best approach to go about getting a car loan, please?  I'm really at a loss here, so any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
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      Currently my fiancee and I are looking to buy a new 2018 Ford Edge. She just payed off her car last month (2011 Kia Rio) and are looking for something more comfortable for trips. We like driving to amusement parks to ride roller coasters. I have a 2005 Rav 4 that is not in the greatest of shape also. Our issue is this. She recently was layed off from her job about a month ago. So is collecting unemployment ($1100 a month) Since she recently payed off her car she only has about 250 dollars a month in bills. So was thinking that it would show that she still has the money to make a new car payment. She's looking for work right now but I've told her and we both agree that she should take her time and not just jump into the first job that has a paycheck and to find something she actually wants and for a good wage. I make plenty for us to live on my own and still be able to save money even if she didn't get unemployment. My problem is I'm at the end of chapter 7 just waiting for my discharge. I've already had my 341 meeting and my assest report has been completed. My discharge was supposed to be last month on the 19th but the trustee filed for an extension and my attorney tells me it's because the other trustee has retired and she took on all her cases so is behind. It's currently supposed to be discharged on the 19th of this month (October). 
      So do we have any options? Are there any lenders that would give us a loan for a new Ford Edge with her on unemployment? Or if I cosigned with her just for the income even tho I'm in BK7? We have 10% down to put on car and plan on trading her car in as well altho it's not worth much according to KBB (Maybe 2k if were lucky). Her credit scores are in the 600-650s because there is a collection we just found out about for 100 bucks from some medical bloodwork that she had done. Which she had insurance for and was paid by them they said. So were working on getting that off. That was just in september that it went to her report and we knew nothing about it. So being to recent it hit her score hard. Were working on getting that taken off but we've found a great deal on a new Edge (Even tho it's 4 hours away) and were wanting to try to get it. Other then that she had a collection in 2013 for 500 bucks on a credit card. 
      Like I said she just paid off her last car a month ago and this was her 3rd car payment she has completed with no lates ever on a car payment from all 3 car loans. The issue is her employment. Even tho she gets enough extra on unemployment to cover the car payment (And I'm covering all the payments anyways) Just wodnering what people think is possible if anything.
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      Looking to help a friend refinance a high balance mortgage at $550K 80% LTV in a county that goes up to $625K. Time horizon is about ten years before property is sold. May need non-occupying owner to sign the note also to get DTI ratios acceptable. Current note is presently in the non-occupying owner's name (brother of home occupant).
      I'm looking at PenFed and NFCU so far.
      PenFed offers a 5/5 at 2.875% and no origination fees with a 2% cap on adjustment and 43% DTI only needing a 680+ FICO score, however, all borrowers must reside in the house.
      I don't know as much about the NFCU rates, so far it appears they offer a 5/5 at 2.5% and 0.25% origination fee but the rate varies with your FICO score, still getting more info on this one.
      Other Credit Unions to consider? What about USAA, how good are their mortgage rates?
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