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Checkers in Brooklyn NYC asked me for ID!

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I got 2 cheeseburgers, $2.18. Hey, it's my birthday, and I just made a new friend.


Asked if I could pay by card. Cashier (young) asked: "Sure! I.D.?" I was surprised.. then showed it . (This should show that I have changed. OLD me would have walked out. But hey... food is food, and burgers are burgers. I guess.... nah seriously, I just showed it. Held it up like it was a cop badge, too. Point is.. I complied.)


They must have had stolen cards used. 491 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn..


Your thoughts? :huh:


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You ate in a town called Bedford Stuyvesant better known as Bed-Stuy it is one of the highest crime precincts in New York city for many,many years.

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