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Auto Loan inquiries and hard pulls

The last post in this topic was posted 2428 days ago. 


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The used car market is very agressive here and cars are moving very fast.

I have a few cars I like at a dealership but I have to go through all the approval process etc.

If in deed I get approved and they don't have any cars I want to buy will another hard pull or inquiry at another dealer hurt my credit?


It's very Likely I may have to go to a different dealer as this one dealer only has a few cars in my price range. However there is another dealer with many more cars in my price range.


My scores aren't that great and I don't want to sink my score and ruin my chances of getting approved somewhere.


I also have about 4k I can put down on a car if I absolutely have to. I'm not sure if having 20 percent down matters.

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go to a dealership that has the vehicle you wish to purchase. Be prepared to prove everything you put on your application.


Go early when they open, be prepared to spend some time.


Do this during the week, Not on a Monday.


You should be able to purchase/drive home a vehicle.

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Always pick out the particular car that you want to buy and agree on its price before talking about financing.


Having 20% down helps a lot if your credit is weak. It won't help much if the DTI is too high (i.e. income too low).

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I was approved.


I was able to secure a 16.5k car with 3k down. A 6 year loan at 5.1%

I am just overjoyed at this. My old was car was leaking gas and was a 2 door which didn't work too well for my son.

The whole process was painless. All I had to do was provide my license, proof of insurance and fill out an application. In about an hour I was approved

The funny thing was I had gone to 2 other dealerships and they told me I need paystubs, bank statements and a utility bill.

I was in and out of the dealership with my new car in about 90 minutes. The dealer ended up pulling Equifax which was almost my highest score so I was pleased with that.


Lesson learned don't think you can't be approved. If I can be approved I am sure many more of you can too.


Baddies on my credit still:

Cosigned student loan in default

House foreclosure from 2008

1 missed payment a year ago

5 hard credit inquries


I own 2 credit cards which I am currently utilizing each month, however I keep the utilization under 5%.


My scores are 655 EXP 645 EQU 633 Trans


Special thanks to Marv for boosting my confidence before going into the dealership.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2428 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By usermi
      I'm about to apply for a mortgage so I will have 2 mortage companies do a hard pull for my credit, from what I read hard pulls within one week are not that bad, so I was thinking I can also apply for higher credit limits with the credit cards that require a hard pull, apply for better home insurance rates (which I think do a hard pull also), etc during this period, is this a good idea? How many points should I expect to lose on my score?
    • By sheetzboogie
      Can one of my in house experts please explain how 3 inquiry removals added up to a 48 point increase?? Believe me I'm not complaining but Nanna always said "if it's too good to be true then it probably is!" Any input would be appreciated.
    • By loderunner
      My head hurts. Any feedback is appreciated.
      TL;DR: House shopping. Credit union claims they have pulled my credit report(s) and received rather bad scores. I can find no evidence of either the pull or a reason for the bad scores.
      Background: My lease is up at the end of January and the goal is to have bought and move into a house by then (it is sooooo much cheaper to buy in my area vs. renting.) I figured I had adequate credit--not great, but no significant bad guys like collections or anything. My credit cards have always had low limits but I never really cared. I never carry a balance and I have a year and a half of student loan payments made on time ($21kish principle.) A credit union recently denied me preapproval with the following blurb:
      "I reviewed the information on the application and as part of a prequalification , I pulled the credit report. Unfortunately, your credit scores do not meet our minimum requirement of 620. Your scores were Beacon 469, Fair Isaac 571 and Fico 656. We take the middle score for the minimum. At this time you file will be forwarded to our denial department. You will receive a copy of your scores in the mail. You may want to request a copy of your credit report from Equifax."
      I understood that to mean they used FICO plus two other credit scores with only my Equifax report as input, but another poster here (shifter) has said that Beacon and Fair Isaac are code for Experian and Equifax, so I dunno. I'm curious about this, but at this point it is secondary.
      Ex and Eq put me through hell re: verifying my identity, but I finally got both paper reports (Ex as my free annual, Eq on the basis of denial of credit.) My annual Transunion report is ~8 months old, so I am disregarding it (but it doesn't have anything worth mentioning.)
      * Experian lists no inquiries whatsoever.
      * Equifax lists only inquiries from "Equifax", :"ND-Equifax", and "AR-Equifax". Equifax and AR-Equifax both have pulls on 11/6, whereas I received the above email on 11/5. Conceivably, there could be some kind of international date line weirdness going on here? That seems to be a bit of a stretch, though. There's no other inquiry anywhere near the timeframe in question.
      * I've just now signed up for USAA CCMP. No inquiries listed whatsoever on all three reports.
      * Note that I opted out years ago.
      * Experian's FAKO gives me 709 for all three reports, which they say is a bit over 43rd percentile. For whatever that's worth.
      * The only derogatory thing I can see are two late CC payments, not consecutive, about two years ago. As stated previously, I've been paying my student loan on time for the past year and a half (before that, it was in deferral) and the reports show this.
      * The credit union claims to have sent me a letter confirming those scores. I may have tossed it aside (though not in the trash) without opening it, or it may never have come... I can't recall. I plan on tearing the place apart looking for it when I get home.
      * Re: identity mixups, I have a fairly unusual name. There is not a single other individual alive with my first, middle and last name--I think I would bet my life on it. I would not quite bet my life, but at least my life's savings, that no one else with my first and last name exists.
      * Up until a couple months ago, my credit reports had been frozen for several years.
      * Immediately after I unlocked my reports (before the mortgage application), Comcast did a credit check on me and there was some kind of problem that required I go down to the office. The person in online chat said their system uses Equifax but I couldn't get them to be more specific about the nature of the issue. The person at the office frowned a bit, fiddled around for 2 or 3 minutes, and then said "oh!" and did something on his computer and the issue was fixed. I was out the door before I could think to ask what the problem was. ***There is no Equifax inquiry matching this date.***
      * I just got approved for Home Depot's sorry-we-really-suck-at-computers credit report freebie thing, but right now I don't see the point in seeing the same story laid out for a third (or rather, the 7th, 8th & 9th) time.
      * Equifax made no comment on my claiming denial of credit. I sent them a sharply worded letter because of the runaround they were giving me re: identity verification and they interpreted it as an address dispute and sent me a dispute resolution based on that. (Which is weird because I wasn't trying to remove an address--I was essentially trying to add one.) So I could have received a report for that reason, though I am also due a free annual report from them.
      I just wrote a polite but somewhat sharply worded email to the credit union, but I thought I would ask 'round here before I send it. It's easy to assume a cockup on their end but... this is just too weird. There were apparently/supposedly two people personally overseeing my credit check (I got exasperated earlier about an unrelated red tape issue and complained hard-yet-politely enough that they suddenly started treating me with kid gloves in a way that only potential mortgage customers are treated. And millionaires, one assumes.) How could this have possibly happened? And what about the Comcast thing? I feel like I am missing something and I am too strung out, overworked and sleep deprived (10 month old... still colicky) to figure out what it is.
    • By StuckOnCredit
      Does anyone know how sensitive some creditors are about inquiries? New accounts? For instance, does Citi care about inqs or new accounts that are 6 months old? Cap 1? Amex? When do certain creditors stop caring, 6 months? 12 months, or do some of them hold it against us for the full 2 years?
      I have gotten Cap 1 Ventures with a 15 inqs on Ex, 5 on Eq and 3 on TU and a lot of new accounts when they pulled the reports. Does that mean they don't care about inqs on 1 of the 3, or are they doing some kind of averaging since they pulled all 3?
    • By Daphne954
      In 12/2011, I received an auto loan from Santander. Long story short, the dealership falsified documents to get me the loan. After speaking with a friend, I decided to get another car and got approved for another auto loan with Honda Financial with a lower payment, which I have made all my payments on time. I later received claim documents from my insurance company at the time about an accident on 5/22/2013, that I know never took place. I called my insurance company and they told me Santander filed the claim. I called Santander, and found out Santander for some reason, called my insurance company and filed a "loan servicer claim" on 5/22/2013 for damages on the car. The catch is... the car was still in my possession until 6/2/2013, which was a week after I called to surrender the car. I was so confused and they couldn't give me an answer as to why they did it, and I kept getting the run around from Santander and my insurance company. Just a big hot diddly mess.
      I want to dispute it because it is the biggest factor affecting my reports. They are showing in the report as a default on auto loan and not a voluntary surrender or repossession. The account was charged-off 6/2013. The TL is still fresh, but I'm think with all the inconsistencies and things that have happened while I had this car, that I might somehow have a case. I live in Florida, and if I can recall the SOL is 5 years for written contracts.
      Should I start a dispute, do a PFD or just hire a lawyer to help solve this? I'm not looking for any settlement from this issue. I just want it off my credit reports.

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