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Validation Sent, PFD Question

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I recently obtained validation information from Midland Funding regarding an account in collections. I CM-RRR'ed the DV letter to them last month.


I am with-in SOL in Louisiana. SOL ends around 03/2015.


I want to try to have them delete the TL off my CRs.


I want to send a PFD letter for a settlement amount. I won't lowball since I know I'm inside SOL, somewheres around 55%-70% of total.


I know its a touchy area sending PFD Settlement letter within SOL.


My question is, lets say I send the letter, they do not accept the settlement. Will they send something back stated something to the affect of "no we don't want partial payment blah blah". and then I can send another PFD for the full amount?


Just looking for the best route of action to have them delete by paying the least I have to.


Thanks in advance.

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Most would not respond at all to the PFD letter, there are a few that would counter but most of them are outside the SOL. If you send it just watch the courthouse so they dont sneak in a lawsuit. Good luck :)

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The last post in this topic was posted 2267 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By MCoryB
      Hi, all.
      I've been following CB for a few months now and have made some major cleanups to all my reports thanks to the awesome advice here. Now I have just two baddies in each report, which I'd like to tackle somehow. One is a series of ten 30-day-lates in 2012 and 2013 on my American Honda Finance auto loan, and I've read many people say goodwill letters won't work with them, but here's the situation I feel sure I can clean up somehow, with your advice:
      I left an apartment in late 2009 to move to another complex from the same owners and ended up owing them $1443 for carpet replacement and leaving the lease early. In 2010, they turned it over to a local collection agency here in Vegas called Sentry Recovery & Collections, whom I've heard are real a-holes. They've tacked on fees bringing my total up to $1627 but have not tried to contact me for quite a while (March 2014 was the last time they updated my credit reports). I'm not completely convinced I should wake a sleeping dragon, but I'd love to see this collection disappear.
      Should I:
      A — Try to PFD with the CA for less than I owe?
      B — Try to pay the apartment complex either in full or a lesser amount *if* they'll clear up my record in whatever tenant tracking system they use AND ask the CA to delete the collection from my reports?
      C — Something else?
      Thanks for your help!
    • By kkk1
      I have two collection accts. with Midland. One is for $870 and the other for $940 or so. I have disputed (the original amounts were incorrect) and they came back corrected and verified. Should I attempt PFD? If that's a no-go, should I PIF or just try to settle for a lesser amount. They send me offers every few months to settle for around $540 each. It's another 3 years before they SOL is up and I'd like to get them off/paid before then so I can get my credit back in order.
    • By HoustonLynne
      This would require a little homework of anyone who didn't follow the adventure. If you're so inclined, you can read the first post of this 6-month-old thread: JDB accepted my settlement offer - THEY pay ME for violation?
      So here's the latest twist and your Sunday Survey...
      Their compliance manager sent me a LinkedIn request to connect.
      I'm certain it was an accident...I'm in his email contacts; he probably didn't remember how he knew me. I'm tempted to message him and ask if he's trying to be entertaining on purpose or if it was merely an oversight. He's the only person I had any communication with at that company, so it's not like he was copied on some email and didn't deal with me firsthand.

      I've gotten a few great suggestions on how/if I should respond...now let's hear yours!
    • By kaa05
      Hi all - I've been trying to clean up my credit & like many people have some bad marks from years past..unfortunately, two of them relate to Portfolio Recovery Associates which is seeming to be IMPOSSIBLE to deal with.
      1. I had a store credit card that I fell late on and it went to collections in Feb. 2013. I called and for someone to agree to a Pay for Delete so I paid the entire balance in Dec. 2013. I later found out this was the worst idea ever because they didn't delete anything and seeing I trusted their word, I have no proof that that was the agreement. So now I have this account sitting on my credit report as Paid in full, was a collection.
      2. I had a Capital One card with a limit of $300 that went to collections in Mar. 2013. It's now showing as purchased by PRA in June 2014 with a original amount of $581.00. I'm not sure what happened to Mar 2013 - June 2014? I don't see anything else on my report for this account in these months..
      Any ideas on what to do with this company, they won't agree to a Pay for Delete but I'm really hoping to get this thing of my reports! I've seen people mentioned requesting validation and I've thought about that but I'm a bit confused on the whole process..
      Thanks in advance!!
    • By bigcreditmess
      Just a note:
      I've already opted out, I've requested old addresses to be removed, I've ordered paper reports - I do have a TU from online as a 'summary' for now.
      Today I received a letter from Midland/MCM that they are the new owner of my Credit One credit card with a balance of $648.17. I'm about 120 days
      behind and I guess they sold it. I do owe the money.
      That said....the letter states they are the new owner and considering forwarding this account for possible litigation. If they don't hear from me by 12/15 they'll proceed.
      To stop from continuing I need to mail $300 or call to see if I qualify for discounts or payment plans.
      Then at the bottom it says "we will not report your debt to the credit bureaus if you set up a payment plan, make a payment by 1/31/15 and make all payments as agreed."

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