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GE Capital Retail Bank (fresh closed account not yet 180 days charge off)


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Please Help! I have a GE Capital Brooks Card which was recently closed - can anyone provide advice on how to best negotiate and minimize the impact this will do to my bureaus?


Last Payment was made November 2013, with the next payment due Dec 2014


I received a letter with GE Capital Retail Bank letter head today offering to settle for 50% of the original balance of $1800, in three installments - and the account would be marked 'Account Paid in full than less than the full balance' (which is worth little)


Is there a way to negotiate that I pay the FULL Original amount, in exchange for either deleting it, or marking it 'Paid as Agreed' 'Account closed by grantor'


Help anyone please.

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I doubt they will make concessions unless your lost your job or something and proved it with a letter or unemployment.


I tried with GE and they said anything past 90 days they arent really willing to do favors like PFD or remove lates.



What you CAN do is email gecapitalcares and get any late fees refunded which can help bring your balance down.

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When was the last payment? Can you pay the full balance? Has it already been charged off?

Last Payment was November 2013, the account has not yet been charged off. I beleive an internal collection department of GE Capital. Yesterday I received a setllement offer on nice disarming colorful stationary in spring green with the offer which works out to 50% of the original balance, divided over three payments..


The current past due is 466 out of a total of 1900 dollars. Last month when I called customer service they couldnt handle the account, but instead sent me to an internal recovery department - that CSR explained to me that when I bring the past due up to date, the account would be returned to GE/Brooks and re-continue servicing from there until the account was paid off (basically taking it out of collection), though the account would remain closed.


The 'offer' which I received earlier is 'good until May 29'... I'd prefer to make arrangements to pay entire account off in exchange for a courtesy concession of 'reviewing the account' and clearing the 30/60/90, or just not report the TL - and everyone wins, they recover entire account. I keep my end of paying for my debt and as a courtesy appreciation help me out recover...

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The last post in this topic was posted 3514 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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