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Good credit union for Business Checking Account for non-profit activity?


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Does anyone have experience opening a Business Checking account at a credit union? I need to open an account in the name of a joint activity for several 501© non-profiits. Can we open a Checking account in the name of the joint group without creating a separate tax id? Can we just use my social or the tax id's of one of the non-profits involved? I'm a member at most of the big credit unions, are any of them particularly good for opening a business checking account, as in they have zero fees on the account with no balance requirements?

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The last post in this topic was posted 2840 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By MJPEREZ77
      Hello Everyone! I know there have been comments and opinions made on liquidity and where to keep it. Right now Citibank is offering their Citi Gold Checking account with $400 Bonus. I know that many of you have cash sitting in CU's and Banks, just wanted to get your valued opinions on whether this is a good option to put cash in or if there are better options. Mind you, the goal here isn't to see any type of return as I do not want to lock in the cash to any time frame. Again, thank you all for your guidance and help! Have a great day!!
    • By Matti
      2.15% on Checking, up to $25,000.
      .75% on Savings, up to $250,000.
      I'm not sure how far their reach is, or who can join.
      Was driving home and saw this advertisement at one of the branches.
      Checking rate requires 12 debit transactions, 1 ACH auto pay and e-statements.
      Completing all of the checking requirements gives the rate for savings, as well.
      Don't know if it's a hard pull to join and I don't know which bureau they use if there is a hard.
    • By Matti
      Only 9-ish hours left. No DD change required. Just make 5 purchases with your debit card and get $125. Park $500 in savings and get $75.
    • By quietbookkeeper
      I have been lurking in this forum for a while, just signed up because I was to forward this information to you folks who could use it
      I have two corporations. for the purpose of this post I will call one Corporation A and the other Corporation B
      Personally I am on chex systems from monthly bank fees adding up after I stopped using the account 3 years ago.
      Last year in June when I formed Corporation A (a C-Corp) and received an EIN from the IRS, I applied with B of A online for a corporate account.
      It was approved.
      They called and asked me to come in to do the signature cards (I sent the articles, etc online by pdf when applying)
      Three Months Later they closed the accounts after an internal review (was not overdrawn and had a $9,000 balance). Took 21 days to get the money from the account.
      ****Sneaky feeling it was from a report Wells Fargo made on me personally
      --This Year I formed Corporation B (a C-Corp) and received an EIN from the IRS, I applied for a Redwood Credit Union account in branch and was approved.
      They did not ask for my social security number when I went into the branch. Just my license. Have had NO PROBLEMS what so ever
      and just out of curiosity, I pulled up the pdf application from redwood credit union for business accounts.
      It says that they
      Please See Image From my Blog with RCU Application Screen Shot
    • By Matti
      There hasn't been much discussion about this CU. Figured I'd give a little bit of insight, since I recently joined and they've been good to me.
      First things first... Checking and Savings: No HP to join. Only chex. And right now they're doing a $200 sign up bonus, if you do $500/mo DD and enroll in estmnt. $200 is deposited into your checking, after the required DD amount goes in.
      Credit products: They used TU. Definitely BK friendly. Picked up my auto loan and gave me a $10k CC. The CC's are ho-hum... But they have a perma-bt rate, which I figure I'll keep as a back-up, in case I ever need it. Loan docs are signed electronically and they do card printing in branches.
      They're extremely easy to work with. Always fast and friendly. And they call you back when they say they're going to.

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