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Unpaid Judgements I would like to pay and have deleted

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The last post in this topic was posted 2582 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By HoustonLynne
      This would require a little homework of anyone who didn't follow the adventure. If you're so inclined, you can read the first post of this 6-month-old thread: JDB accepted my settlement offer - THEY pay ME for violation?
      So here's the latest twist and your Sunday Survey...
      Their compliance manager sent me a LinkedIn request to connect.
      I'm certain it was an accident...I'm in his email contacts; he probably didn't remember how he knew me. I'm tempted to message him and ask if he's trying to be entertaining on purpose or if it was merely an oversight. He's the only person I had any communication with at that company, so it's not like he was copied on some email and didn't deal with me firsthand.

      I've gotten a few great suggestions on how/if I should respond...now let's hear yours!
    • By Loves2travel27
      Hi, I may have just found a loophole in my pr section. A paid judgement with a first name that is similar to mine but is not my name. Problem is it is a joint with my husband. Now I am trying to figure out the correct way to go about this. It's been disputed before but not with the name issue. Any suggestions on how to work this out? I talked to the special department at equifax and they were puzzled but disputed it anyway..
    • By The Destroyer
      I just got a Midland tradeline deleted from my credit reports.
      I first submitted a DV and Midland quickly validated (the debt was legit). I called Midland to settle* -- I offered to pay in full ($200) if Midland agreed to delete the tradeline from my 3 credit reports. They refused, saying they would only update the tradeline to paid in full.
      I ended up walking into a brick and mortar T-Mobile store and asking to check on the status of an old account I had with them. The T-Mobile agent told me the account had been sold to a CA, but I asked if he could call customer service and see if I could pay the account right there in full. After a quick call, corporate agreed, and I walked out with a paid in full receipt showing my account number, phone number, address, and name on the account.
      I faxed a letter and receipt to Midland disputing the charges as already paid in full to T-Mobile and demanding they delete the their three reported negative tradelines from my credit report.
      I was denied via mail.
      I called Midland and asked them to explain the denial. I again explained my dispute verbally. After a few minutes on hold, Midland's customer service representative told me they agreed with my dispute and were going to be deleting the tradelines.
      The entire process took 15 days.
      A few takeaways: I read tons of horror stories about Midland on these boards. If you can afford it, I think (when trying to delete T-Mobile related tradelines with Midlands) this method is the easiest way to do it. After Midland agreed to delete, I filed a dispute with the three CRA and it speeds up the process of the change showing up on your credit report.
      *Many people say not to call their consumer support, but if you let them know you are recording the conversation and you're knowledgable about your FCRA rights, I have always found disputing faster via phone.
    • By ugachicky
      Hi. I am new and have been lurking and ready for about a month. I finally decided to pull my reports and post here.
      I have been in a battered women's shelter for 5 months. I now have my own apartment a great job starting at $13.94 an hour with a trucking company as a dispatcher and an opportunity for tons of overtime this holidau season.
      Here is my situation. I was with my crazy ex for 12 years. He handled all fiances. I pulled my trans report and score faco was 589 and $16k in collections. Lots of medical 3-5 years old and some of his credit cards where I was on them that are 5 years old.
      I pulled experion and score was 507. Total was $25k in collections owed. Again medical and credit cards joint with him and some cell phone and cable collections as well.
      I could not get equifax to pull. Said I had an account and I would need to call. I need to have my top teeth extracted and dentures VERY soon from where he broke a lot of my teeth and I am in severe pain. I also need a car as I am borrowing on that I have to give back next month.
      So I have decided the best thing is to file bankruptcy and start over. I am a frugal person and use to have great credit until I let a true sociopath take over and ruin it all. There is no way I cN catch up and I don't know how to afford the $2k needed for extractions and a denture on top at the moment but I am working as much as I ca to try and get there.
      Here are some questions:
      1) what does it cost to file chapter 7?
      2) do you think with my situation that would be my best bet?
      3) if I file ch 7 how long before I could start to rebuild credit?
      4) any suggestions on getting a car? Would a big here lay here for a cheap car work for starters? I can't afford to just pay a couple grand for a car. I would need a loan of some sorts and yes I know I would have a high rate but I have to start somewhere.
      I am rock bottom and just getting out of a shelter and Into an apartment and now Paying $850 a month rent is grocery plus light bill kid taking care of two kids us gas in the car I am borrowing takes all I have. This why they are letting me work overtime. I am suppose to get $1150 a month child support but dad is in jail awhile so that doesn't get received.
      I am just looking for advice on how to start and get my life back on track. My BIG issues is I need a car and i need my teeth fixed within next month or two MAX.
      Thank you for any suggestions or kind words. We do not qualify for food stamps or state assistance so I think I am doing damn good with what I have right now.
      Again thank you!!
    • By Headwaters44
      Hi CB'ers. For a brief back story, my credit journey started 4 months ago when I joined this site and I've enjoyed about 40 point increases on average for all three FICO scores since then. I'm shopping for a house in the spring (fha loan) and I need some advice to maximize my credit scores and clean up CRs in preperation. My 3 ficos were inthe 590-605s when I joined here now they're in the 640-650 range. I removed approx 9 lates/derogs, paid off 3 cc's to reduce my util to about 45% of 12.5k (still plugging away and plan to be below 20% by home loan app time), paid off 13k car loan, and got a big 15k private student loan CO settled in full to avoid being served. I have a goal to be between 660-680 (due to my ongoing credit repair laboring) by mid october and I'm fairly confident I can get there.
      What I have remaining is 2 small collections ($75 and $300) I'm in the processes of PFD'ing, have about 2-3 more lates I have evidence to dispute, and here's the kicker......3 more private loan COs all around +/- 2.25k/ea totalling 7k. Based on a settlement I already did with the same OC on the other CO, and letter correspondence with them over the last 6 months, I'm fairly confident I can settle on these last 3 loans for 55-70%. Any FHA borrowing homeowner knows getting an FHA loan with COs over $2k is going to be next to impossible. That said, I'm hoping to take out a personal loan to settle these COs and clean up my reports. I intend to pay off the installment loan over the next 3-4 years (it was a student loan I intended to pay anyway, so I don't mind and it's well within my budget)
      I have poked around the boards and read some threads on personal loan lenders. Places like Lending Club and Prosper seem appealing, but I would also be open to debt consolidation or settlement lenders If need be. Would anyone recommend Prosper or LC for my situation?

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