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Chapter 7 -- Chex Cleared, EWS a mess


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How does one get a clean EWS report? We filed Chapter 7 (60% of it being medical bills from a catastrophic accident and resulting lawsuits), 30% student loans (some of which are actually going to be discharged in our bankruptcy, which is rare, but we made the case for hardship) and the other bit is standard consumer stuff/car loan. and are now in the 60 day period awaiting discharge. We submitted paperwork to Chex about the bankruptcy, regarding an entry from BofA. We obtained copies of our reports just prior to filing for bankruptcy. Apparently, BofA removed the entry before Chex had the chance, and Chex sent us a copy of our reports, showing it as being clean. They were easy to work with.


Now, EWS is a totally opposite experience. Those people are the worst to deal with. They try to get whatever they can out of you for their records, and they are VERY rude about it, especially when you decline to give them anything they don't need.


Anyway, we got our EWS report and it's a mess... and I was shocked at the stuff reported there. It shows various bank accounts (including the BofA that was removed from Chex), a balance history, etc. There are several banks on there showing balances owed or closures for "cause" -- which I don't necessarily agree with and will obviously be wrong once the bankruptcy is discharged next month. It seems fighting with EWS is useless.


Despite having a clean Chex report we were declined accounts at 3 different CUs. I suppose part of the problem is that they may have also pulled a credit report, which shows the bankruptcy filing. Ironically... after we filed for BK, our credit scores jumped over 100 points! I was shocked. Before BK it was so bad it was hovering around 499. When I checked this week, we were at 622. I kind of expected a small increase... after all, it couldn't get much worse... but over 600? I though we wouldn't see that for 6-12 months at least.


So, how do I clean up my EWS report with bankruptcy with a clean Chex report? I’m stumped.


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Yes, everything is included. We made sure of it. In fact, we purposefully applied to a credit union just prior to filing, knowing we'd be declined based on the Chex and EWS listings... so we could get accurate, free, reports. Chex was immediately cleared (by BofA) once they learned of the filing.... and EWS? They don't seem as gracious. We're going to definitely to dispute it all once the dicharge comes though. I just find it so odd that one wipes it clean super fast, and the other makes it as difficult as possible, on purpose.

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tuttutgo, did you dispute the BK items with EWS? EWS has not been known to delete BK entries,but should update them to show the latest status after the account discharges in BK. If you need non-Chexsystems non-EWS account options for your area, let us know.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3200 days ago. 


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