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Trying to figure out the credit ladder...

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The highest credit I've had is an installment loan for $3,000 and one of the loan officers at my bank told me I'd want to build up my credit limit (or loan amounts) so that I'd have "comparative" credit when it came time to finance a home.

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I'm far from an expert, let me say that first. I do have something in common with you. And that would be repairing credit and the lack of credit education my parents gave me.

When I started my credit repair journey back in august 2013, my scores were in the 400's.Now my scores are in the 700+.

If you don't mind I would share with you some steps I have taken to build my credit.

  1. First try to get a credit card, SHOPAROUND, find a credit card that will work for you, one that you can mange. If you are getting denied for everything you apply for STOP, too many inquires will hurt your score, not help. So now that you know you can't get a secured or unsecured credit card, go for Open sky, the do have AF and APR, but my research that I have done on them, they were the best secured card out there. More importantly, they don't do hard pull's ( inquiries on your credit reports) and they do not check Chex system.
  2. Now that you have your secured credit card LAY LOW.
  3. RESEARCH. I guarantee that you will find answers to your questions on CB!! Also, no one will give you a quick answer to navigating through CB, you have to navigate and trust me its very well worth it!!
  4. Pace your self, credit repair will not be done over night.
  5. There are some great tips on how to approach credit repair from how to get hard copies of your credit reports, to how to successfully remove those civil judgments, to contacting CA's to make sure they have rights to collect on the debt, to how to deal with CRA's when disputing, etc...
  6. Bookmark CB, i strongly suggest taking at least 2 hours out of your day and dedicating it to researching on CB!! Even after I have successfully gotten where I want to be ( my goals increase every time i accomplish one goal) I still come here to find advice. Its addictive the best drug out there and its free, constructive and beneficial for my life!
  7. Create a plan of ATTACK. Don't go in BLIND! They (CRA's and CA even OC's) prey on ppl like that. Know what your talking about and know the law to help back you up. This should have been # 3

I wish you the best of luck, with diligence, (I'm prohibited to get all religious ), you will make it through, it will get frustrating, challenging and cause you to be on an emotional roller coaster. STAND your GROUND FIRM! After the storm the sun will shine, and bright it will! Everyone here on CB is wonderful, kind and love to share their experience and knowledge. You have done the first step in credit repair, reaching out for help! :yahoo::yahoo:

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The last post in this topic was posted 2508 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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