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EX is now clean, Fico only 595.

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Here are the cards I have.


VS $350 limit. Not using this, it's in the sock drawer. Been paying the min, as of lately been paying twice that. The card was used to get my foot in the door.


Fingerhut $200 limit, $0 balance. They are overpriced, got one thing from them back in October to get my foot in the door.


OCCU card services: $500 limit, current closed. Was running all my bills through it and PIF to get rewards. Well since it closed, I've only been paying the min due to the fact there was no interest for 18 months.


Wells Fargo Secured, $300 Limit. Since I got it to get my foot in the door, I'm not using it anymore since a few weeks ago, been paying all my bills on debit, since the secured has ZERO rewards.


Now, I could PIF everything, but I would have no money left over. That's kind of the point of credit, to spend over time so you can put a little money back to save.


I was trying to get my baddies gone so I could get a CC with a decent rewards (Freedom, Discover IT, etc), for the vacation I'm taking in June. I could just very well pay in cash, but I wouldn't get any rewards.


I thought the collection removal would of boosted me high enough to get something with a toyish ($500-$1000) limit so I could do that, but it appears my UTL is holding me down harder than I thought.


This month I've gotten extra income from going through the house and selling a bunch of randomness, so I'm going to pay my balances down more and try again in a month.



Are any lates showing on any accounts?

Exactly what collections are on what reports now?

Exactly how many cards have you apped for in, say, just the last week?

Do you truly, not understand why you are not being approved for new cards?




No lates.


EX is collection free, EQ has one collection, TU has two. The collection on EQ and TU is now being deleted per the CA.


I've applied for 5 cards in the last week, BUT, supposedly the amount of apps within 14 days is supposed to score as 1. Not apping again for another 30-45 days.


I know why I was being turned down, or so I thought, I know both high UTL and collections hurt, but I didn't realize high UTL hurts worse than a collection.



I just wanted to address something for anyone new that reads this and takes it serious. It was mentioned in above post of not paying off cards due to the point of credit to be to pay over time .... This is true for large purchases that most people do not want to or can not fork over the cash for like remodels , house purchases , car purchases , or otherwise large purchase ..... I do not think the point of credit was ever to buy bras and panties and finance them over time paying interest .... If you can't save up and pay for a bra from vs .... Maybe try buying a cheaper Walmart bra .... That just really made me laugh when I read that part.

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Oh how I wish this guy was still posting.


Seriously, his stuff is classic. Reading his posts at MF is also endlessly entertaining. It's like he needs a new thread for every random thought or change in his CR. The best is when on one page he claims to be done app'ing and "going to garden for awhile" and then the very next page he casually mentions that he got declined for some random card, or he starts asking questions about what it takes to get approved for X card… it's just endless. Even the people over there that he once claimed were so much more mature & welcoming than CB are turning on him. His thread about 'why I hate credit… and what should be done about it' is A+++ Great Read, Would Read Again

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