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    • By funkiehouse
      Hi all.
      If you are looking to apply for the Barclays US Airways card and wish to help a brother or sister out by allowing them to refer you for the card, they will benefit from some bonus miles and you will benefit from 50k in miles. The offer is only good until January 18, 2015 so you would need to apply by then and get approved for the referring person to get the bonus miles. If interested, just PM the next person on the list with your email address as the thread moves along. If you are on the list and get a referral, please post and let people know who is next up for a referral. If someone has received a referral, please move to the next person on the list. I will also update the current order and other can help with that too.
      So if you apply, please show some love for the following people:
      If you want to offer a referral to a specific person because they helped you with credit repair or you just want to because you want to, then that's okay too. If you want to keep it private, just do it by PM and don't worry about posting in the thread.
      If you received the referral email from Barclays and want to be added to the list, please let us know and I will update the order and add you.
      If you are not ready to apply now, it looks like the card will be around until March 31, 2015.
      Happy apping!!
    • By belairpatrol
      I made a mistake and BT into a New Barclays world master card with "0" interest for 15 months by doing the same amount twice. The 2nd BT request just popped on my Barclays transaction and showed me $2000
      over my limit. I spoke to Barclays and was told that since BT went thru, my credit line when the new statement is cut will be the amount that I am over the limit. She said there was no overlimit fee om World Master Card.
      I am a little stunned since when I got the card 7 days ago and I called back door for a higher CL they said NO!
    • By funkiehouse
      Noticed this on the Barclays site. Any thoughts on this? Is there a BOA US Air product I don't know about? I think there use to be a BOA US Air debit card...

    • By smc733
      Hello all,
      I am wondering if anyone else has experience/advice to offer on this predicament. I have 6 cards, listed below for reference:
      Bank of America Cash Rewards Visa Sig $10k/9.99 (6/2010)
      Citi Diamond Preferred MasterCard $10.2k/11.99 (10/2012)
      Chase Freedom Visa Sig $10k/15.24 (1/2012) (Call in to the EO about reducing the APR, given how much I spend, good luck to me though with Chase's stubbornness)
      Amex BCE $12.6k/10.24 (9/2011)
      Barclay Ring MC $5k/8.0 (4/2012)
      Discover IT $19k/11.99 (9/2012) (Yes, subprime Discover loves to give me $4-5k soft pull increases every few months!)
      Anyway, the Diamond Preferred is a good "backup" MC to keep in my wallet in case a purchase gets declined on a Visa card. I would like to have the World benefits, and mainly, I want it because there's no reason with my profile, limits, etc... for me to not have it (I had a Dividend card I closed because I got mad at Citi two years ago, which had a lower limit and was still a World card).
      I've seen some people meet success just requesting a World card via phone (as I did with my previous card), but this time I am having no luck.
      I've called the regular numbers, and even the EO & Twitter. When I find someone who even understands what I'm asking, they just start rattling off a list of annual-fee carrying airline cards I can convert to that are World cards. They've also told me you can only get offered the upgrade, which just doesn't sit right with what else I've seen. My conclusion is that Citi is pushing World/Sig away on no-AF cards, as it seems like anything without an AF (TY Preferred Visa, DP Visa, Simplicity Visa), is marketed as a regular Visa, while the AF cards are marketed as Sig cards.
      Does anyone have an idea as to what I can do? Can I convert to a Dividend card if it isn't offered anymore? Is there anything I could do to get this converted to a World card?
      A very frustrated smc733
    • By NoPresetSnarkLimit
      I know it's been discussed many times about how to optimize scores and I recognize this is Karma and therefore useless but I really just chuckle every time I look at this graphic representation of how scoring models consider carrying NO debt a bad thing.
      "Dear consumer, please run up your credit cards and we'll give you a better grade"

      As an aside: thanks to all that contribute to the Fico science threads, looking forward to seeing Fico 9 variances added to the mix.

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