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I applied for a Discover card in February 2014. I was declined due to a lien (Federal Tax) from 2009. I was offered a card with a co-signer. The IRS agreed to a Withdrawal of my lien days later. I'm sending a recon letter, with the following information:


Attn: New Accounts


PO Box 15410

Wilmington, DE 19850-5410


I'm including a letter noting that I would like a new card to do a BT at a lower interest rate for my Barclaycard.


I'm including the following information as part of the request for reconsideration:


1) Discover denial letter (copy) dated 19 February 2014, citing Lien as reason for denial

2) IRS Cover Letter (copy) dated 26 February 2014, noting withdrawal of lien

3) IRS Form 10916 – Withdrawal of Filed Notice of Federal Tax Lien (copy)

4) Upromise World Mastercard Statement, PE 08 Feb 2014 (5 pages) (printout)

5) Copy of Barclaycard letter agreeing to report account information

6) 2013 W-2

7) 2014 – Annual Notice of Pay Rate and Payday

8) IRS Form 1040 and supporting documentation – 2013 tax return

9) AFCU – Bank Statement PE 31 January 2014

10) Fidelity Retirement-Investment Statement, PE 31 January 14

I'm hoping this is enough for them to reconsider and approve with a balance high enough for a BT.

Last time they pulled EQ. My EQ FAKOs are: 727 on 2/20/14 on CCT and 624 on Scoresense as of 3/23/14. Baddies are the Lien (which is withdrawn and being process), 1-30 day late from Target, 6 months ago, 1-30 and 1-60 day late on Citi (closed account) 3 and 4 months ago. Also high utilization on the Barclaycard of 95%.

Not sure if they will pull a new report or use the previous (they didn't provide a score). I have four more inquiries since then and one new account Roaman's. Overall utilization is at 41%.

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. Especially anyone with a withdrawal of tax lien approved, but not updated on reports. (Sent letter to CRA's including the withdrawal notice. NYC doesn't provide certified copies of the withdrawal. They also haven't filed it yet, but since it has been more than 30 day, I hoping things will cross in the mail and I'll have some luck getting it deleted.

Overall goal is to obtain one more major credit card with a limit near or in excess of Barclays, reduce utilization and pay down student loans outstanding balance. Looking to be more financially fit with then next 6 -12 months for a mortgage.

TIA for your input and assistance!


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IMHO you're better served using your energy making sure this is removed from your credit reports and then reapplying if you're hellbent on getting a Discover card. Then again, you're only out a stamp if this doesn't work, so why not?

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I would scan the withdrawl letter and attach it in an email the EO. I'd imagine though that they would want to see it off your report. They were pretty reponsive on my recon request - although I wasn't successful. I cleaned things up a bit and applied 2 months later and was able to get in with them.

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Thanks for the replies. I had to re-apply, they wanted to pull a fresh report that had no lien. Did it all on one phone call.


They pulled EQ and EX and approved me for $2500 on the Discover IT card. I'm thinking to ask for a CLI on activation. It's 0% interest for the first 18 months. My first approval post lien removal. :yahoo:

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The last post in this topic was posted 2572 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By MJPEREZ77
      Hi CBers,
      I have a question for you. DW app'd for the SYNC Home Design CC w/ EX frozen, after numerous calls to finally get to the correct UW department, and getting the right UW, we had them pull TU and she was approved (and on the 2nd call got a CLI, gotta luv SYNC!!! ). So we wanted to each get the Barclay's US Airways CC, she app'd and was Declined. NOW NORMALLY, I'd have her recon. BUT, as she has many new accts in the last 90 days, I am weary of having her call and have an UW look at her file as I have read that Barclay's is very new acct "sensitive". I remember a comment left for me once by someone on here, something about a farm animal getting slaughtered, lol. So I am thinking of letting this one go as to not bring any unwanted attention to her that might result in AA or a CLD. Am I thinking logically? Thanks again for your input!
      Have a great rest of your week!!!
    • By lethargic
      Just called the Chase recon line regarding my Sapphire Preferred application.
      Called up and spoke to a really nice gentleman for about 15 minutes. I had a security freeze on Experian and I gave him the pin to lift that.
      He asked me a few questions about my BK in 2010. He asked about my mortgage and income. Then put me on hold for about five minutes and came back saying that he had to send it up the ladder for further review because of the BK. He said in 7-10 business days I would either get my card in the mail or an explanation for the decline.
      I asked him what his thoughts were and he said he was satisfied and he had been doing it for a long time and he had was good at reading credit... but yet it was forwarded for further review.
      Anybody get this message before? I really need to stop applying for cards!
    • By MJPEREZ77
      Hi, wondering if anyone has a Current B of A Recon phone #. I have tried the ones here and have had NO LUCK! DW just got denied for a Better Balance Rewards Card after a $9k CLI on Plat Plus. Hoping to take advantage of the this, since it was a Pre Qual Offer.
    • By BradS
      I'm very new to posting to this forum but have been using it for reference over the last month and wanted to share my recon story.
      I already had a Barclay's Reward Mastercard that I've had for over 7 months now and recently hit the CLI button. When asked how much I wanted, I was rather conservative and only asked for $250 which was granted after about an hour. So then I thought, perhaps I could have asked for more? So after reading on here about people calling the recon line to ask for more, I took a chance. After going over my account and answering a few questions, they granted me another $250!
      So I decided to apply for the Barclays Apple Visa card. After submitting I got the denial message and told me that I would get a letter within 7-10 days stating why. I submitted that application on Friday right before 5pm. I decided to call the recon line to see if I could get it overturned but by then it was already after 5 and they were closed. So I gave them a call today and talked to a very nice lady about reconsidering the application. She looked at my history with them and asked about my recent new inquiries which are all because I'm still rebuilding my credit history after completing BK13 a few years back. She also asked about my limited credit history gap which was because of the BK. I answered all her questions and she said since I have a good history with them and have been managing all my accounts well, that she would approve my application. I was stoked!
      This couldn't have been possible without the help and information that y'all provide on this forum. I can't thank y'all enough!
    • By Art_Vandelay
      My last CLI spree around September 22-24 resulted in CLI's on 4 or 5 cards but got the 7-10 day notice from CHASE. After I got the letter I recon'ed it.
      They totally screwed me up by doing this.
      Got a secure message from them early today saying "Per your request" we have decreased your Credit Limit
      Got on the phone with them and had to tell my story to 3 different CSR's and literally waited on the phone with them for over 45 minutes just to get my Credit Limit back to what it WAS because they screwed up.
      Telling them I NEVER requested a CLD and that THEY made the mistake on their end.
      But what really angers me is that they pulled another Hard Inq just to get my CL back to the original limit.
      Totally unprofessional.
      Only good thing is that I had EX frozen so they couldn't screw me with an EX pull.
      I won't be asking for a CLI from these guys for a LONG time.
      FUNNY Thing is that I just got 2 pre-approvals for a Slate and a Sapphire card from them in the mail yesterday. WTH Should have just applied and then moved the limits around.

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