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Removing Hard Inquiries

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Firstly, not a newbie. However I was wondering if anyone knew of any other way to remove hard inquiries without going the B* route? I know sending letters to the people who pulled is also another route. Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any other creative ways to do so if there is even is another way. I scoured this forum and wanted to make sure I didn't overlook anything.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2533 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By carpartsdepot
      Hey Everybody! Today I thought I'd post my Hard Inquiry success story, I started my rebuild last October, when my scores were in the 400's and I applied everywhere trying to obtain credit, which resulted in a bunch of hard inquiries, most of which i was denied for, so after several months of disputing and many things being removed from my CR I noticed that if you get anything removed from TU, TU will re-send your CR to any hard inquiry you were denied credit for, but EQ and EX would not which didn seem so fair because they denied me credit based off of stuff that had been removed, so the idea came to mind that in that case they should remove their hard inquiry, since i would have to re-apply and then i might be denied because of too many inquriies, i started this venture with 12 IQ on EQ, 11 on TU and 7 on EX, so i called everyone that had denied me credit, some i could dispute it over the phone, some i had to write letters to and all inquiries that i was denied credit for have all been removed all except BarClay, they just sent me a letter saying they would not remove the hard inquiry, so i sent them another letter disputing their outcome, which i have yet to hear back from, but now am down to 4 inquiries on EQ, 5 since i just applied for an recieved a marathon gas card, 0 on EX and 3 on TU. here is a list of everyone that agreed to remove their hard inquries.
      3x4=12 from Capital One, 1 of which they actually approved me and gave me a card:)
      3 from Discover
      1 from Citibank-Sears
      2 from GECRB-JC Penny and Walmart (dont even know why i applied for Sears and Jcpenny's bcause im blacklisted from CO's
      1 from Wells Fargo (which was for opening a bank account and they hit me with 2 hards, 1 of which they agreed to remove)
      1 from Exxon
      and 1 from some auto loan place
      all it takes is some time and diligence and now im ready to re apply

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