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Thanks Mod Squad 3 approved and 1 declined It's a start

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I received WEX Fleet and Jiffy Lube Fleet Care cards today. Total process time-line was 8 days after I submitted vehicle, driver and Pin number via e-mail. Reliable called me really fast ( the same day ) requesting prepayment so I declined. I found a new Net 30 account that reports to D&B. I was approved for $1,000 so I will give it a shot.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2513 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By Gemini87
      So I'm in the beginning stages of starting to build business credit but I have one question, How do I go about applying for Vendor accounts like Quill, Uline, Grainger exc.? Below are the things I've done thus far with my business:
      1.) 2 yr. old Corp. SOS Filed in Texas
      2.) Website
      3.) Business phone
      4.) Registered phone # with free 411 national listing
      5.) Registered website with all search engines possible
      6.) Requested catalogs from Grainger, Reliable, and Uline
      7.) In the process of getting D&B number.
      From here, I'm not sure if I need to go online to each of the vendor websites and set up accounts then place orders, not sure I if should order from the catalogs I requested and they'll just report my purchases to D&B automatically, or should I call each vendor and request to open a credit accounts with them.. If anyone can please advise, I would greatly appreciate it.
    • By rogieboi77
      I had the card for 13 days, got a letter from WEX Bank stating account was terminated after review. I have the basic starters, 6 TL's in total, less WEX. Light file with Jiffy Lube and Conoco denials as well within last month. What should my next move be....I'd like to build up my file, but I'm gun shy after this WEX trickery.
    • By rogieboi77
      3 weeks ago, I applied and was approved for a WEX Universal fleet card. a few days later, I applied for a Jiffy Lube card as well as a Conoco card. The latter 2 apps were denied. Yesterdat I got separate denial letters that both used the denial code F7 (does not meet WEX Bank internal approval guidelines). No baddies on record, but only 5 trades showing when WEX fleet card approved. Your thoughts?
    • By rogieboi77
      Last week I was approved for WEX fleet. 2 days later, I applied for Jiffy Lube and Conoco, but was declined for both. The message said the dec. letter would offer alternatives to me. i'm guessing they are referencing secured cards. Prior to these 3 apps, I had the basic starters,-Uline, Grainger, Ouill, Interstate Batteries, Aramark. That's my last app spree for a while... your opinions/input welcome. First time poster.

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