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After reading here and the the My FICO forum, I decided to hit the luv button. My debt is high, so I've never asked for a CLI, have had the card one year. My FICO forums said to ask for full 25k and NFCU would counter offer.


So since I just refinanced a car with them and have taken a hit on my credit report, I figure what's another at this time. I submitted my request and got the 3 to 5 day message. Still haven't heard anything. Today, I log in and received a $5700 increase. Not a lot, BUT I AM THRILLED as this will help my UTL. Am sockdrawering this card to not run it up. It's my highest card now, at right under 9k. Not a high limit for many of you, but for my debt load and student loan debt, it is awesome!


I was so shocked, I double checks to be sure I wasn't accidentally in somebody else's account, then logged off and back on again. Still there!


Shoulda done it earlier and took advantage of the BT. That's how I got the card last year.

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Nice increase! NFCU is like no other and no harm no foul but the advice to routinely ask for X amount is overrated IMO.


An issuer may appreciate a card holder who has a somewhat realistic sense of their credit profile, which can vary and be difficult to assess

but blindly asking for X amount...sure, may lead to a counter...but also disappointment and a track record of over the top limit requests, not necessarily a good look on internal profile, even if it goes unpunished.


By all means, shoot for the stars, especially with NFCU but probably not a bad idea to temper a request with one's own knowledge of overall profile, while still aiming high.

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Thanks all. I won't be asking for another and will wait for automatic CLIs in the future. If I had gotten more, I'd have BT some other smaller balances, but now I will just work harder at paying those off. I want to keep the increase available. Hopefully, other creditors will see the limit and increase their limits over the next year. This is the first time I've ever asked other than at activation.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3211 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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