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lil angel progress thread

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Hello all,

I wanted to do a progress thread to introduce my self and keep account of my actions/progress. Im pretty much a new member. I asked a couple of questions here and there but I mostly lurked. When I first came into contact with CB I tried to read as much as possible but fell off with moving from overseas(military) along with other things. Guilty. Now that I have settled down and received 2/3 of my credit reports im starting to put some work in.


Ive made alot of bad decisions with money in the past and now im trying to start a new. My overall goal is to apply for an home loan as soon as I can. So lets begin.


Things I have done so far.

1. Opted out

2. Requset all three credit reports(only received two). Had to send an additional request for another copy to exprerian

3. Requested that old address be removed from transunion and equifax. Still waiting on experian to send my initial


Good accounts:

1. Pioneer military lending

Date open:09/11

Unsecured loan

High balance $ 8,722

Paid as agree/ no lates


2. HSBC (closed)

Date open: 01/08

Credit card

High balance:$ 380

Paid as agree/ no lates


Bad accounts:

Aurora collection

Placed for colection: 04/13

Collection agency (Original phone bill with t-moblie. Contract was from being station overseas but was charge one last payment after cancelation. Later I deployed to Afghanistan and never received the bill.)

Balance: $ 152


Interstate credit collect

Placed for collection: 11/10

Collection agency(original bill with public works commission/utility. Report date for over seas was 11/01/10. Never received the last bill)

Balance due:153


Verizon wireless( no excuse)

Date open: 09/09

Celleular Balance due: $ 472


Cotal Federal Union( repossession. No excuse.)

Date open 06/08

Balance: $14,130

Repoed 03/11



Equifax-2 hard, 55 soft

Transunion-20 not sure if they are hard or soft pulls. Most of the pulls came from lex law.

Experian- unknown


My plan......


Aurora collection-$ 152

Interstate credit collection-$153

Verizon wireless-$472


Goodwill letters:

Capitol one-x2 30 days late

HSBC- x1 60 day late, x130 day late


Repossession(Following why chats method)

1. Dipute letter first


Question: The OC is still on my report showing the remanding balance. Do I send them a dispute letter?


Backround information: I was never notified about the repossession. Until after it happen. I called them to see what I could do and they stated that I had 10 days to satisfy the loan. Needless to say I couldn't come up the full amount and the car was sold.


New credit:

Victoria secret: was approved for $250,yesterday

HSBC: will try to apply for one today



my fico





Experian by usaa




Could someone please humor my ignorance and possibly provide guidance on where I can get my true credit score... im feeling unsure about this and where to look... fako vs fico


Side note.....feels good to post this and put it out there. Feel like I have gained

some momentum. Happy credit fixing....

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So I have sent off letters to all the companies as mentioned above. The first letter I received back was a PFD from interstate collections stating the following:



Dear lil angel.


Federal law requires that we inform you that this is an attempt to collect a debt by a debt collector and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.


We are in receipt of your recent letters dated April 08 2014 offing to pay $152.00 for payment in full. This is in exchange for us to remove all information from your Credit files. We are not in agreement with your proposal. Our agency consistently reports the facts to the credit reporting agencies.


Payments are reported to the credit reporting agencies monthly. Once your account is completely paid we will request that the account be shown as paid in full on your credit bureau files. Under the Fair Credit Reporting(FCRA) collection accounts remain a part of credit files for seven years from the date of delinquency.


Can anyone offer any advice on how I should handle this?

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No I didn't... but I didn't confirm/admit that it was mine. Only that it was there and that I would just pay for removal. Did I mess up?


Probably not. Looks like it's still pretty fresh and probably within SOL... I missed that before I commented.

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So today I received letter 2/3 for my PFD back stating the following

Dear lil angel,

I am in receipt of your certified letter. In interest of saving paper, money and time, feel free to email or call my office with any further questions.

Once the balance above is paid we will not move forward with any type of collection activity on this account and will consider it paid in full. Again, speeding up the process, feel free to call with a Visa, MC or Discover and you will have an electronic tracking confirmation number. Once the account is paid, we will request deletion from all three credit agencies with our next reporting cycle. Please note this process can take up to 30-90 days to complete by the credit bureaus.

If you should have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact my office, directly.

They did tack on an interest of 8% which brought the total up to $161.72 from $152. I am just going to pay the amount IOT get rid of it.

But first, I am going to email them to ask that they provide me with the information on whether or not they have sold this debt...to be on the safe side and then I will proceed with the payment.

Now Im working on the DV for the 1st letter per BDK's guidance.

Aurora collection-$ 152 ( added 8% interest to = $161.72)
Interstate credit collection-$153
Verizon wireless-$472

Goodwill letters:
Capitol one-x2 30 days late
HSBC- x1....60 day late, x1.....30 day late

Repossession(Following why chats method)
1. Dispute letter first

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The last post in this topic was posted 2514 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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