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How do repo auctions show up on carfax? Whychat...

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I'm starting to research they Whychat method of repo deletion. I've opted out. I've disputed addresses (not much luck) and now researching state laws etc.


Purchased my Carfax report today and I do not see an auction for my car.


Car was repo'd 4 years ago in Illinois in Febuary or March of 2010. My credit reports show CO in April. I am 99.9% confident I did not recieve any notices of auction. I did not know where they took it. I did not have the ability to get my articles out of the car. I was so upset/embarrased that I ignored it (SMH) and just figured I had no chance of getting the car back. I was not given an auction date etc.


OC (Chase) is the only one reporting this on my CRs. Shows my high credit was $11,124 and actual payment amount $10,033. Comments is "charged off account, fixed rate". Chase has also never contacted me about the balance due.



On my carfax report it says this:



I purchased -03/19/2008 9 Illinois

Motor Vehicle Dept.
Chicago Heights, IL
Title #X8079691495 Title issued or updated
First owner reported

Titled or registered as
personal vehicle

I moved- Loan or lien reported 02/17/2009 Tennessee
Motor Vehicle Dept. Tinley Park, IL Registration updated when owner moved

the vehicle to a new location 05/06/2009 Tennessee
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Rockwood, TN
Title #85818017


I moved again- Title or registration issued
Loan or lien reported 05/06/2009 Tennessee
Motor Vehicle Dept.
Tinley Park, IL

Title #85818017 Registration issued or renewed


Loan or lien reported 03/30/2010 46,373 Center Garage
Cedar Lake, IN
centercars.com Vehicle offered for sale


04/14/2010 46,412 Center Garage
Cedar Lake, IN
219-374-7171 Electrical system checked


04/27/2010 46,432 Center Garage
Cedar Lake, IN
centercars.com Vehicle sold



So, from what I see- there was no auction. The car was repo'd sometime in late feb or early march '10. It appears that the car was SOLD to a dealer on 3/30/10 then sold again to a private party on 4/27/10. Is this what you guys see?


So....what now?!

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I think you are correct about the dates. If you want to wait until SOL then I wouldn't do anything until after 4/1/14.


The CO should have occurred the month it was repoed, not the month it was sold which looks like March.


Have you checked court records in the counties you lived to make sure their isn't a judgement out there?


Do you have hard copies of your reports and do they all match dates?

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