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Happy happy joy joy! EX deleted judgment!

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Yup, it’s true. About two weeks ago I disputed a paid civil judgment online with EX and TU (it wasn't reporting on EQ). The judgment was due to be removed late next year. TU came back a few days ago with a deletion, but I wasn’t holding out much hope for EX. I get an email from them last night and they, too, have deleted!! This is wonderful. The only other negative on my three CRs now is a paid federal tax lien from 2012. It’s really affecting my scores and I’ve asked the IRS to withdraw but it doesn’t look likely. Anyway, I’m happy about this victory.


I want to add that before I came to CB in November, I really didn't realize it was possible to fight the bureaus and CAs. I find that I quite enjoy it and I've gotten rid of medical collections and that judgement and now am hoping the IRS will be responsive regarding the lien. I have an unsecured credit card for the first time in about 10 years -- and it's got nice limit -- and a 2.49 percent auto loan, when my other car loan was at 17 percent! (Thanks DCU. I love you.)


It's all happened so fast. You guys should know how much your advice helps others. I don't go a day without reading this board. Thank you so very much.

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Awesome! Congrats!


My husband and I have several paid judgments sitting on our reports, that are supposed to fall off later this year. This gives me hope that I can get them off early.


Did you dispute them as obsolete?

Thanks! And I didn't dispute as obsolete. I did WhyChat's steps: http://whychat.5u.com/deletejudg.html


I did it online, though, and selected the reason corresponding with WhyChat's method. Good luck!

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The last post in this topic was posted 2660 days ago. 


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      I was looking at my credit reports today, and I noticed something odd on my EQ report. My date of birth has the wrong month. I was born in October (10) and EQ has my birth month as January (01). It is clear what happened, whoever input my data simply transposed the digits, turning a 10 into a 01.
      That being said, it might also not be that simple of an error. Perhaps there is a tradeline that has January (wrong month) in my DOB and EQ updated my information on that tradeline's reported DOB.
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      One or more accounts are not paid as agreed
      Length of time since oldest credit card was opened is too short
      Length of time since newest account was opened is too short
      Too many accounts opened in the past 12 months.

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