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Help with organizing things for a DV letter.


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Newbie here. Needing help w/ things. Been lurking and I don't think I've found this scenario yet.


I haven't touched my Credit report in years. I figured my credit was in the toilet but my goal has been to fix it up and I've started this week.


I've been playing catch up and think I need to work on creating various validation letters to send out to CA's.

I've grouped my debt into 3 blocks: CC's and Lifestyle, Vehicle Loans and Medical Accounts.

I've only been at this for two days but I am proud at how organized I've gotten. Even did a spreadsheet for myself.


I must admit, I am a little disappointed after checking my real FICO score (not the FAKO). Ever since I started disputing online this week, my score has DROPPED 30 POINTS. Not very encouraging but I am trying to stick with this and not give up. I was so frustrated after seeing my score drop, I called up all my CA's to figure what information they had. What a noob mistake. I forgot that calling the CA's are a no no but I gave out no personal information so I didn't feel so bad. I even learned that one of the reps was upset to see most of my medical debt was invalid because of SOL. Calling was not ok because I know they recorded my calls, and I just hope I didn't hurt my chances of submitting a quality DV for them to remove my negative TL.


A few things to keep in mind:

1. I've never declared bankruptcy.

2. I believe the SOL are in effect because it's been more than 7 years for most of this debt.

3. I have one student loan that has been transferred over time that I currently pay on time (no longer in deferment) and is the only positive item showing on my credit. I have some closed positive accounts that help my CR but not worried about those for now.

4. No longer living in the state where most of the debt occurred. (I do believe the CA's are using my new address.)


Here is my grouped debt:


CC's/Lifestyle = all items have been charged off from OC and have unpaid balances collecting fees with CA

CC 1 (clothing) > Asset Acceptance LLC, Opened in Spring 2004, Expected to be unlisted on Experian next month, Equifax Spring 2014

CC 2 (electronics) > Asset Acceptance LLC, Opened in ??, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014, Equifax Fall 2014

CC 3 (n/a) > Calvary Portfolio Services, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014

CC 4 (clothing) > LVNV Funding->Resurgent->Allied Interstate, Opened in Spring 2007

CC 5 (home) > LVNV Funding ->Resurgent->Capital Mgmt Services, Opened in Spring 2007, Expected to be unlisted summer 2014 from all bureaus

CC 6 (electronics) > Midland Funding, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014, Equifax Winter 2014

CC 7 (n/a) > Midland Funding, Opened in Winter 2004, Expected to be unlisted on Experian Summer 2014, Equifax Winter 2014

Rental Bill (ex damaged walls but I need to pay for it) > National Credit Systems, Opened in Winter 2011

Utility Bill (ex refused to pay his share but it was in my name) > name of CA withheld, Winter 2008


n/a = actual credit card not tied to a particular store or use. Used everywhere.


Vehicle Loan

Credit Union > name of CA withheld> opened up in Spring 2004, high balance reported but car was given back to dealer in 2008. Never listed as a repossession. Expected to be unlisted summer 2015 on all bureaus and become positive, unpaid account.


Medical Accounts

8 ER bills all sent to various collections, opened up in 2007 but all expected to be removed from CR beginning next month into the spring 2014.


I HAVE ONE CAP1 CREDIT CARD NOT IN COLLECTIONS WITH A HIGH BALANCE. Opened up in Summer 2000, expected to be unlisted in Winter 2014 from all bureaus. They said they won't sue and that I just need to pay. Any idea why this may have not been sent out to collections? They want to settle for half. I hung up the phone. High balance.


I guess my question is this: If the CRA's are going to remove the item off their bureau is there even a point to writing DV's to the CA's seeing all this time has passed. Since I made the mistake and called them today, will they try to say the SOL is not in effect and attempt to collect all over again? And for the two accounts that were passed to multiple CA's do I only do a DV for the CA willing to settle the debt or them all including the parent CA? I need help in determining if the following DV is good enough to send out to the majority of my CC's and Lifestyle/Vehicle Loan debt. I plan to use the HIPAA DV sample for the Medical Account debt but being a perfectionist, I want to make this right.




My Name....

My Address on file


Date of Letter


By Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested


Name of Debt Collector

Address of Debt Collector


Re: Account # ??


To Whom It May Concern:


The letter is written in response to the letter/call I received from your office dated. I respectfully ask, pursuant to my rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, that your office provide me with suitable validation of the debt. I would like to emphasize that this letter is not refusal to pay, but simply a request for proof of legitimacy of my obligation. This said, the proof of the obligation should be complete and should include copies of the following documents:

1. The agreement with the original creditor that authorized you to collect this on behalf of this debt.

2. The agreement reflecting my signature that confirms my acceptance of the obligation.

3. The complete payment history of this account.

Until your office fully complies with my validation request, I expect there will be no further action on your part to collect this debt. Additionally, if your office fails to reply to this letter within 30 days of receipt this account is expected to be deleted from my credit file and no further efforts to collect this debt can be made.



name print only



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Bumping for help in how to address the old credit cards that have not been passed off to collections. I just noticed there are two and not just one on my CR.

Since I know these accounts will fall off the CRA's soon, how do I arrange to have these negative timelines on old credit cards deleted since they haven't been given to a CA? They are out of the SO but I DO NOT WANT THE CCC TO DO A1099-c for this debt. So is this where the pay for deletion comes into play? Should I just wait it out? TIA.


Still trying to work on a good HIPAA letter for the old SOL Medical bill. This has been the most challenging to draft even using Whychat's link. I don't want to mess up.

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The last post in this topic was posted 3423 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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