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Nissan CO - need advice

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My auto loan from NMAC was up in early 2013. I was laid off in 2011, and did not work for 2 years but, including late pays and everything, I managed to continue to get the loan down to the last $1100. A month before the contract was scheduled to be up, I informed NMAC that I was trying to pay the balance off, but may not be able to before the contract end date. They told me that this would not be an issue, just continue to pay that balance off. If I had anyone to borrow the $$ from to just take care of it, I would have.


I made one payment the month the note was ending. Soon after that payment, I received a notice of acceleration demanding the balance. I almost immediately received a call from a CA regarding the balance (voicemail). Its been almost a year later, I have not responded to either, but I want to get this taken care of as well as receive the title (yes, they still have the title).


Is there ANY way that I could pay this balance off and get the CO removed? The CA is not reporting.



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lets move this to the main credit forum, since you are asking a credit reporting related question.


You will get more views and responses.

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all I can say is my experience is NMAC is the worst when it comes to this stuff. I had an auto loan with them and sold the car and the payoff showed up more than 30 days late for when my payment was due. they continued to report that 30DL on my credit until the absolute 7 year mark. no GW, no dispute resolution, nothing. they refused to budge for the entire 7 years. it was actually the last derog I got removed just last year. I would never do business with them again in 1000 years.

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Wow... and to think I wanted to make my next purchase (when I'm able) a Nissan SUV. Don't plan on financing through them, though...


Well I just want the title at this point. I'm not giving a dime to anyone but them, and then they can release the title. As far as the CO, I guess I'll ask them to remove it in my letter to them.


Nothing beats a failure but a try, eh? :dntknw:

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