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Discover it approval

The last post in this topic was posted 2519 days ago. 


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After seeing on here that Discover was offering a secured 'it' card, I decided to apply as I like the cashback offers, purchase/travel coverages, and my parents have always had good luck with their customer service. I didn't think I'd get an unsecured one, but I knew you had to apply, get denied, get offered the secured one, etc. so I filled out the app a few days ago.


Well, this morning they called and left a VM asking me to call back, and when I did, they offered me an unsecured card! I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! It's a smaller limit ($1400), and a higher APR (22% I think she said) - but i won't carry much of a balance to rack that up. I'm just looking at it as a foot in the door with them to build a good history.


I don't know who they pulled, and I honestly don't know my scores right now (I guess I'll find out since they show your TU FICO =) - but I've still got old collections & stuff I'm trying to sort out that are showing. I do have a SDFCU secured card w/ $3500 limit that I carry some balance on and always pay way more than the minimum on, a car loan that's about a year old (and previous ones going back farther), etc. - so my current stuff is all positive.


Anyway, not a bad start to 2014 - some signs of progress in financial recovery :)

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Congrats on the card.


If you have a Chevron nearby be sure to register for the 5% promotion mentioned here http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=522081&hl=.

Thanks for the tip! I'll take a look - I can't remember if there are any or not. I know the ones by my parents house are usually the highest price for gas unfortunately though.



Chevron is the most expensive station near me also, but with my 4.2% back on my PenFed card and the gasoline discount I get from grocery purchases from Vons, I still come out way ahead when I buy gas there, most of the time. Better net price than Costco, and I don't have the indignity of waiting in line.

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The FICO is definitely a bonus! I've pretty much stopped using my debit card, so I think the cash back is probably worth more than my rewards points on the SDFCU card.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2519 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By RussInGotham
      Say what you want about Discover, but this is a solid rebuilding option that starts at $200.
    • By Quietman
      My 350th Post!!
      Final step for the DW for 2014. Approved for $13K on their 11.99% Diamond Preferred, HP on EQ.
      Her Scores:
      Exp : 789
      TU : 798
      Eq : 806
      Over the last fourteen day app spree, she's scored:
      AMEX EDC - $9,400 to $28,200
      NFCU Flagship - $10,000
      NASA Visa - $13,000
      BECU - $25,000
      BOA - $8,200 > $16,400
      USAA - $16,000
      Citi - $13,000
      For a total of $104,000 in new credit!
      She did apply for a second NFCU card, that's still under review.
      Off to the garden till next year for some CLI requests. (I know, a lot of GIF's, just celebratin' a little , ok, a lot! )

    • By Quietman
      Whoo Hoo!
      DW was just approved for NASA Visa Platinum Rewards, $13K, 9.9%
      I'm trying to make sure she has a complete credit profile, she has no credit unions yet. Although, she was just accepted to Navy FCU (based on my membership). CC application there is "pending".
      Her FICO scores:
      Exp : 789
      TU : 798
      Eq : 806
      The NASA HP has not shown up yet, but I'm guessing it will be Experian like mine was.
    • By Menta33
      A friend of mine has a $50K limit from Discover for an account from 2004, but has a promotional balance at a very low interest rate, causing his utilization to be at around 60% on that card, so I was suggesting he apply for a CLI, but wonder if he is already at the maximum they will give anyone.
      Does Discover have a maximum credit limit above which you cannot go beyond, if so, what is the maximum exposure they will allow?
    • By creditdreamer
      Hello, I have been dreaming of good credit and having a 730 since I've been little. I was in the process when I turned 18 and I got my first secured card courtesy of Capital One. I would pay it off every month. Then months later I applied for discover and a regular capone credit card and approved by both. I was paying my cards and then I lost a job and ended up moving to another state I for 4 months on my discover and 3 months on my Capone cards. As Soon as I got a job I paid off my two capone cards and Theb I paid my Discover card they reopend it for me and everything. I talked to capone today and they said they will send a letter to the three bureaus stating that I was unemployed so on and so forth and wait for a reply in the mail so praying they erase these late marks. Discover on the other hand was so rude they just kept saying by law we must report info to the credit bureau and that we cannot help you we do tell them that you are doing well every month that you pay .
      I was signed up with a lady who does credit repair but tmrw I will be opting out.
      I have read that I can do a goodwill letter
      And in some even say they did it through Email
      Please may someone help me
      What email address can I use to email my goodwill letter to Discover and what is the best address to mail one to them. I dont wanna be one of the people they just toss aside.
      I have been doing somewhat well with my score my fico is a 601 and the 3 bureaus are around 502
      All my hard credit inquiry should be removed by February 2015 so then my score will in have these negative marks towards late payments when I was unemployed which suck. I would like to be able to get a loan one day well sooner than later.
      Anywho all and any help is appreciated thank you in advance thank you for bearing through this long post

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