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Lease gone awry, different states, where do I stand?

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I'll write this somewhat detailed, so I'm sorry for the short story that's about to be unraveled before you.


Around early January 2012, I signed a lease with a friend of mine in North Carolina. He was military and I was not. Things fell through rather quickly, within a couple of weeks. I left and made my way back to Kentucky. As I was told, I was signed as an occupant. Sometime in February, we'd somewhat made up to the point where I was faxed a "lease release form". I faxed it back, twice, and confirmed receipt with the receptionist. Due to some moving around and the sale of my truck, I lost the paper. Later in the fall of 2012, I was contacted by my former roomie via Facebook and gave him my number to chat. Moments later, the leasing office from that apartment complex called stating I owed the last months rent for the 6 month lease that I was apparently still on. I explained the document signed and sent. The lady (new, not the one I spoke with in the spring) said no such document was before her. Apparently the complex is now under new ownership. NOW it's on my report, nearly $1000, and still showing his name as well. He was "let out" due to orders of getting out of the military.


In short, they had me sign paperwork releasing me when I originally only signed as an occupant. It's now on my report. I live in a different state.


What can happen if this sits? I was told by a housing authority rep in NC that since I'm out of the state, legal repercussions aren't likely.

He's still showing on my report as a co-signer/lease holder.


I can't afford this debt, nor do I feel obligated though I realize losing that paper was my only hope. I'm trying to get my score straight but I don't want to go to jail or face losing any of my possessions though all I really have is a cosigned vehicle which I'm not the main holder on.





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You can't go to jail for the debt. The only thing that could put you in jail is if there are any further court proceedings, like an order to appear, and you don't appear. Then a warrant may issue. But I doubt a debt like this will go any further.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2571 days ago. 


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