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The Master obsolete delete time frame thread

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BK7 removed from TU yesterday! Scheduled to be removed 1/2021.   I called in and the rep asked some ID verification questions. She then said there was an error on my report and she was

Well..  an update.  I had read from a rouge element poster on MF about a method that seems to be working with TU regarding EE  and tried it.  It involves the dreaded online dispute method.  I tried it

Three more vanquished this morning on TU dispute site.  It seems automatic when checking the "too old" box when within 6 months. 

I just called TU again with a DOFD of Jan/2008 that was Paid Feb/2008, This is a credit card account. I have been calling every 3 days to see if they would delete. The Rep said the standard answer that accounts must remain for 7 years. Should I keep calling until a Rep deletes? I know I was told to wait till Aug/2014(6.5 years that I paid) but I am anxious. TY

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I just called TU again with a DOFD of Jan/2008 that was Paid Feb/2008, This is a credit card account. I have been calling every 3 days to see if they would delete. The Rep said the standard answer that accounts must remain for 7 years. Should I keep calling until a Rep deletes? I know I was told to wait till Aug/2014(6.5 years that I paid) but I am anxious. TY


It's well established in this thread that you don't call TU and you submit this dispute online...

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I just called TU again with a DOFD of Jan/2008 that was Paid Feb/2008, This is a credit card account. I have been calling every 3 days to see if they would delete. The Rep said the standard answer that accounts must remain for 7 years. Should I keep calling until a Rep deletes? I know I was told to wait till Aug/2014(6.5 years that I paid) but I am anxious. TY


It's well established in this thread that you don't call TU and you submit this dispute online...



When I called TU, they gave me the line about 7 years. I replied, politely, that I understood that I could call in at 6 years and 6 months to have it removed as a courtesy. It worked for me.

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I'm applying for a Mortgage shortly and I don't want to have a Dispute with TU when I apply...will it be within a few days? Hours?

I'm not gonna guarantee anything for you, but for me it was instant. I pulled my report right after submitting the online dispute on TU and the TL was gone. The 3 times I have done this I have received an email within a couple of hours confirming the deletion.

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I'm just afraid it will take 30 days ....not instant....I'm trying to think positive...I'm still not sure what to do.


BTW I also wrote the Company a GW letter in the mean time incase they are nice and delete that way...it has happened to me before!

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Good, then you have some time. If you get a deletion from your GW letter, then great... but otherwise worry about other stuff and set a reminder in your calendar for August 1. Once it is eligable for early deletion, the option will be in the list of dispute reasons on TU's website. If that *still* doesn't work, then call and say the same thing I said to the TU rep. I'm my case, it took 24 - 48 hours to be removed from my reports using both methods.


You'll be fine.... breath... go take a walk... relax... August 1 will get here before you know it. :good:

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    • By iadorebunnies
      Any explanation would be great. I thought to list a series of events would be better than some long paragraph. I have pics and proof for all events below. 
      Mid May: Ordered Vehicle (checked credit score showing 730 at the time)

      June 7: Toyota Financial Services received payment for old lease

      June 12: TFS closed account
      June 30: TFS reported to the credit bureau account closed on June 12

      Friday July 9: Credit was pulled by dealer (first of knowing of outstanding balance on a said closed account)Was able to get bumped to a Tier 2. (Nothing was reported nor sent to me that I had an outstanding balance)
      Monday July 12: called Transunion because their score was what was pulled that hurt the deal. Transunion said that they show nothing of delinquency on my report AND show no history of it being removed nor it ever being on there in the first place.
      Evening July 12: called Experian because no other apps were showing a tier 3 credit score. They also said they had no history of it ever being on my report. (Talked to about five differnent people) They put me on a callback list to speak to a supervisor. Associate had said supervisor was in a meeting and would call back.
      July 13: Called Experian again to figure what happened. Received notifications that my credit score had increased 66 points and delinquency was removed notifications on Experian app. (No certainty that it was removed from report because they said there’s nothing bad on my report. I guess I take their word for it??)
      Evening July 13: received a notifications from credit apps that Toyota Motor Credit has reported positive activity on a outstanding loan balance. Loan paid.
      July 14: Called TFS to request document to cross reference dates.
      July 16: Called TFS to speak to Toyota Motor Credit. Turns out there’s no one to speak to in that department. It’s the same as calling TFS. Called Experian again to ask why they are just now reflecting on my credit that I had an outstanding balance that was just closed on July 13 not what TFS sent which states that it was closed in June 12. Experian had told me that the account was closed in June but when I explained to them that’s not what I’m seeing in my emails and notifications, they became combative and hung up on me. No one can tell me how and why on July 9, a inaccurate mistake cost me money and no one can send me my credit report to verify that there’s no delinquency. TFS agree that someone dropped the ball (but not them) and is willing to send any and all reports they have on my accounts. All credit bureaus has yet to send me to any documentation of removal of alleged delinquency and I will never know what happen on July 9th that cost me money. I’m paying more than I should and I could’ve been out of $1k(nonrefundable deposit to order vehicle) because I will not sign a tier 3 deal. Who knows how long I would’ve been without a car in this market if that were true.
    • By allclear
      Please excuse the lengthy post... hopefully you guys can give us some guidance regarding an issue with Citibank and our Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard. Here is the situation:
      Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard
      We had a Credit Limit of $9,000.00
      On 9/23/2020 we made an electronic payment of $5,000.00. Due to financial complications resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic the payment of $5,000.00 was returned. 
      At no point were we informed by Citibank that the aforementioned credit card was closed. However we also did not communicate with Citibank.
      We dug ourselves out of our financial issues and called Citibank on 3/24/2021 in response to an email we received about making a payment. At this point our balance was $15,359.93
      The issues begin with the 3/24/2021 call:
      On 3/24/2021 we spoke with a Citibank Representative and arranged to make a payment of $6,360.00 to be processed on 3/29/2021 on the condition that once it cleared the account would be:
      1. In good standing
      2. Open
      3. The card would be active (meaning we’d be able to use it)
      We verified the above 3 conditions multiple times with the Citibank representative and they confirmed. 
      As a side note, I remember specifically giving the Citibank Representative I spoke with on 3/24/2021 an example of what my definition of open and usable was so there was no confusion.
      We also agreed to setup automatic minimum payments.
      On 3/25 we received a message from Citibank confirming that we had enrolled in autopay - no where in this message does it state that the account is closed. In fact it reads as if the account is open and in good standing. 
      On 3/29/2021 the payment in the amount of $6,360.00 processed, cleared our account and posted to Citibank.
      And in fact based on what the Citibank representative confirmed on our 3/24/2021 call we made an additional payment on 3/29/2021 of $4,000.00. We received an email from Citibank confirming this and again at no point did it state the account was closed, and again it reads as if the account is open.
      On 3/30/2021 after we confirmed both payments ($6,360 + $4,000) cleared with no issues, we checked our account to make sure the card was active - as the Citibank representative told us it would be. At this point we became worried and began calling Citibank.
      We spent at least 4-5 hours and multiple phone calls on with different Citibank representatives, none of which could give us any direct answers. Finally, after poking around on the internet and in message boards we found a number for the Citibank Executive Response Unit. 
      We spoke with a very polite and helpful Citibank Representative in the Executive Response Unit who opened a case for us. 
      At this point I sent multiple emails following up and outlining what had transpired on the 3/24/2021 call. 
      We never once received an email response confirming receipt of emails. Every-time I would have to call and confirm receipt. 
      At some point we were assigned a representative with the Citibank Executive Response unit. 
      After multiple emails and phone calls, they called us back on 4/12/2021.
      On the 04/12/2021 the rep politely told me she listened to all our phone calls with Citibank especially the call in question that took place on 3/24/2021. The rep acknowledged/confirmed the following:
      That the Citibank Representative I spoke with on 3/24/21, stated multiple times when asked by me (multiple times) if by making the payment of $6,360 it would bring our account; in good standing/current, open, and usable - the representative answered "Yes". She also acknowledged that in addition to answering "Yes" the representative communicated to me in other ways that by making said payment the account would be in good standing, open, and usable.   
      We expressed to the rep that Citibank should honor what they committed to on our 3/24/21 call: An open account, in good standing, and with a useable card.
      While polite and understanding the rep said there was nothing she could do. After we pressed her and explained we felt Citibank’s behavior was deceptive (We did not use the word fraudulent, although we believe it was) Tanya offered us a $150.00 statement credit, to which we declined. 
      On 04/12/2021 following the call with the Citibank rep we sent a follow-up email, confirming what transpired on our call. We called the Executive Response Unit on 04/13/2021 to confirm the email was received and forwarded to said rep - this was confirmed. 
      On 4/13/2021 we filed a complaint with the CFPB - that read similar to all of the above post. In addition we stated the following would be an appropriate resolution:
      For Citibank to honor what they agreed to on our 3/24/2021 call.
      Open our Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select World Elite Mastercard so it is usable again. Bring our account in good standing with all 3 credit bureaus  Maintain our Credit-line of $9,000.000  In addition, considering what we’ve been through we’d like them to make a goodwill correction with all 3 credit bureaus. 
      On 4/27/2021 we received a response from Citibank via email. Which basically stated there is nothing they could do, the account would remain closed, there would be no Goodwill correction with the CRA's, and that they would in fact report the account to the CRA's as "disputed by consumer".
      Also on 4/27/2021 we received an email from the CFPB stating that the company has responded. Status on the CFPB website shows "Closed Company Responded"
      And here we are today...
      What do you guys think? 
      Should we push this more? 
      Is there a way to escalate further?
      Any and all advice/suggestions/comments much appreciated!!!
      Thanks in advance!
    • By Diana2021
      Any advice is much appreciated! 
      I graduated with my masters in Aug 2020 and havent had a full time job since Dec 2019. My mom was laid off because of covid in March 2020 and I stopped making payments to credit cards after graduating from my masters (Sept 2020) because my student loans stopped coming and my mom could barely make her own mortgage payments. Since Sept 2020, Ive severely damaged my credit and am now in over $27k cc debt. 
      I've since moved to Europe and don't plan to come back to the US, at least not for several years, to pursue lower cost education here. 
      I don't know how to proceed with my cc debt because I've been told since my credit is already tanked that it wouldnt matter if I pay off my debt, attempt to lower my 23-25% interest rates on my 9 credit cards, or try to negotiate a lower payoff. 
      I work part time remotely for a client in the US but the work is random and not guaranteed. The most I've made since I started with her in Dec 2020 was $1100 a month. 
      I contacted a debt consolidation law firm in the US but they want to charge me a $750 retainer and then $600 a month for 36 months to pay off my cards. Im waiting to hear if they guarantee these cards will be paid. 
      No idea how to proceed and feeling overwhelmed because I want to do the right thing but Im drowning in interest rates and have called two banks to talk with them only to be yelled at and shamed. 
      Do you have any advice for me?
    • By TheDeansClub
      Trying to help a friend and thought I'd pose the question to the board as I do research here on best course of action.  I'm having a little trouble deciding on the best advice to give here...
      Backstory:  Financial hardship going back years.  Besides making some poor choices, extenuating circumstances exist... 
      ~3.5 years ago, 2 things converged - debtor decided to take highest balance and highest APR CC, and get Cap1 to zero-out the APR via 60-90 day late (thought that was the only way to get the offer).  Right before that ball rolled, Cap1 sold the account to a theretofore unknown CC Co.  Debtor decided to stick with the plan and on day 80-whatever, got the financial hardship, closed account 0% APR with the new CC Co.  Balance was $7K.  Fast-forward 3 years, this company supposedly sent 2 letters saying the financial hardship plan was expiring.  Debtor received no communication from them in the mail.  Received no email.  Company is claiming they sent them.  Company is saying the payment plan the account is under is no longer available and they've reinstated the original APR but did not reopen the account (at least to the debtor's knowledge they have not).  Debtor will not be able to manage under the reinstated APR (26%), balance is now ~$5K.  Debtor was under the impression that the payment plan was there until the account was paid to 0, as they closed the card - does not recall receiving any written confirmation of the payment plan terms, and it will take some time to dig through files (if they did provide something in writing, it is saved somewhere in a file).  Calling the company was bush league - seemingly no financial hardship department, agents who didn't seem to understand what options were available for financial hardship, could not answer whether the account was currently open or still closed, request to speak with a supervisor has so far gone unheeded - no returned phone call.
      What I'm trying to determine firstly is - what rights does the debtor have here if any?  Is there any recourse for not receiving notification of this expiration?  Currently there is no option to transfer the balance.  I'm unsure whether to advise for a flat "withhold payment and settle."  But perhaps it has come to this.  By all accounts there are no professionals to speak with via phone for this CC Co.  Maybe this is just a strategy of "best of bad options to dump this creditor and move on." 
      Appreciate help in brainstorming... 
    • By Toast73
      So I disputed (or so I thought I disputed) addresses off the Big 4. TU removed all addresses except for my current. EQ has my current and another non-BK address. EX won't budge.
      All bureaus froze. Microbilt, LexisNexis, SageStream, Chex, you name it. 
      Try to get full verification of the bankruptcy on my file, thinking the whole Trial Rule 1005 thing would help me (this rule makes only the last 4 of your social, full name and addy public-facing).
      No dice.
      This was the response L/N fed me, including a few notes in RED.
      Please critique, tell me I have no chance for removal, something....

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