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Target POS Terminals Compromised

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The joke would've been on the thieves had they only took Target card numbers lol. Can't get far with 100-400 limits.



All jokes aside this is scary! I wonder why did they wait so long to release this information? That happened a few weeks ago!!

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Another link: http://gma.yahoo.com/40-million-card-accounts-risk-data-breach-target-123939442--abc-news-topstories.html?vp=1


I did shop ay Target a couple times during that period. I used a credit card but didn't enter a pin. I figure the thieves can't logically clone 40 million accounts so the odds they'll do my card aren't much. It's probably less than 40 million as people shop there multiple times.


I do check that account often online. If I see an unauthorized charged, I'll call up the bank. Been through this before quite a few times. Last time someone tried to buy an airline ticket in Mexico on one of my accounts. I've got used to this. A previous time a person used a cloned card to buy gas and eat at restaurants as they drove from Ontario, California to Texas. He didn't have expensive tastes. Mostly Denny's or McDonald's. :swoon:

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