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Share your Dear Santa letters here!!

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Dear Santa,


Please remove my Fartgo repo and make my EO dispute with Crap 1 delete the 2 crap accounts incorrectly reporting. Can you also talk my wife into liking something else other than cashmere because she is going to ruin your's and my credit again this Christmas. Oh and peace on earth and blah blah blah....


Yours after six beers and three shots,




Ps: Sorry, all we had last year was soy milk and the store was closed.

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Dear Santa,


While you are blowing up Midland (with no people inside), could you also make it rain reindeer poop over at administrative offices of Univ. of Phoenix. Those bastards are making my life miserable with this unjustifiable CO.


I'll be good the rest of the year AND I'll make sure that instead of milk, you get a jack and coke on the rocks. And maybe a stripper in a Mrs. Claus suit (not me, of course).




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The last post in this topic was posted 2708 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By mizliz1011
      The nicest thing about "the holidays" is the end of them. i dread them (starting with Halloween), cringe at most of the stuff, and then I am relieved when I have survived New Year's Eve, horns and all. The maudlin emotions in endless print ads, hundreds of hard sell emails, tv specials, some overdone decorating, non stop carols, and the exclusion of those who are not in a good space emotionally is rather terrible for me. And there is terrific financial pressure on many who cannot afford to be generous.

      I am in a good situation these days but I know many who are not... and I was once one of them. To all of you who are just surviving, just barely, and celebrating no snow as it means less fuel oil and shoveling and salt purchases... I was there. My greatest joy is to be able to be generous to those who really need it and to make someone's day and create a little space of lack of financial fear and anxiety.

      I still find a heavy snow quite magic and the smell of a fireplace inviting, but what was once quite unique and looked forward to seems to have changed for me dramatically. I wish I could recapture some of it, or perhaps just its illusion... I still love decorating a tree now and then and having people over for a special dinner but the drama of dashed expectations has taken its toll...and more and more I hear the same from others.

      Am I the only Scrooge on here or are there others who are thankful for what they have but wish that it was not so institutionalized?

      I do apologize to any who are offended by this but I wonder how many others here share some of these feelings...anyone with small children who still believe in magic are exempted from this discussion!

    • By funkiehouse
      Sending off some Christmas cards today to ex, eq and tu just to say thank you for all of the friendly battles we have fought this year. It's one of those cards with a money slot except my cards have a dispute slot. I would love to read some of the letters they get through there. Ah, maybe I'll make it a nutcase santa letter!!

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