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Judgement Found, Never Served

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Hello Everyone!


Im new here to CB and Ive been reading and taking in a lot of information these past couple days. I know I have a long way to go in repairing my credit, but now is the time to start getting things in order.


Over the years I would see various medical collections on my reports. Most of which I do not remember. I had disputed them but unfortunately without the help of this site or letters, they would come back as verified. I paid one or maybe even 2 of them off (even though I had no idea I had these services done) and now I have 4 open medical accounts in collections and one judgment from 2009 for $1000 plus 6% from the date of the judgement (on TU under the remarks it is labeled as "payments deferred")


I was never given any notice about any pending judgement!


I have contacted the court house and asked them to send me a copy of the judgement as suggested on WhyChats website. I have the information of the lawyer as well.


But my questions is, how should I go about validating the debt from the OC without resetting the SOL? (the debts originate in Virginia and I have moved out of state since then) Ive read that a judgement can reset itself whenever (is this information correct?) Do I need to start the HIPPA Process?


My ultimate goal is homeownership, and I know I have to get this stuff off if I ever want to think about owning my own home. Thanks in advance, and let me know if any further information is needed!



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Follow ALL these steps:




These initial steps -opting out and deleting old addresses are the essential part of obtaining successful results.


You will be using the HIPAA letter program:




Once you have completed the HIPAA letter program for ALL your medical accounts, you can then follow the program to delete the judgment.



The fact that you were never served means it is likely that the judgment was never actually recorded as a judgment lien and can be disputed off your reports.


You do not want to have your medical account disputes ( all medical accounts should be listed in your inititial dispute letter, no matter HOW they are reporting) merged with any other dispute so you need to wait until they are done before tackling the judgment.

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Hey WhyChat, thanks for getting back to me.


I have opted out (actually did it online today) and plan on calling tomorrow to order my 3 CRs. Now I have a this question.....


Is there any other way for me to verify my current address without a utility bill? (I dont pay rent/utilities)

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Do you have a cell phone bill?? Internet access bill?? Student ID ( with your address)?If not, then just a copy of your drivers license and SS card.


Perhaps you have a magazine subscription??

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Does it matter that my license is out of state?


I think I have an old sprint bill with my new address on it. But since my contract expired with them, I decided to stop using cell phones (I cant afford it)


I have correspondence from a lawyer trying to collect a college related debt. Do you think that would help also?



Furthermore, should I ask to have all but the address on my license and current address, removed?


Thanks for you help!

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