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Need help with Midland Dispute

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Midland is reporting to the Credit Bureas on an alleged Citibank account. I have disputed this with the Credit Bureas and it has come back verified. Today I called Citibank to see if they could provide me with an account number of this alleged account. After speaking with Customer Service and explaining that I was lookoing for an account number so that I could verify this alleged debt I was forwarded to the Asset Department. After being put on hold for 10 minutes I was told that they are unable to find any records showing I ever has an account. My question is what would be the best way to deal with Midland who is still refsuing to stop reporting this as a deinquient debt.





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i see that you disputed this with the CRA's. But have you disputed this with Midland? If not, you should. But if you are certain this is not your account, then you should be looking at this link:




Don't just copy and paste. Read it and use your own wording. If you don't understand what exactly you are doing, please read and research before doing it. Just remember, if you somehow say that you will "sue" them along this process, be ready to actually do it.

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Also, Citibank supplies a lot of store accounts such as Sears and Jewelry accounts, which is the same problem we had. Citibank is just the bank these stores use and your account may not be with Citibank

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