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WellsFartgo repo. Why Chat method or PFD?


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Hi All.

This forum has been extremely helpful over the last six months and has helped me clean up my credit. I do need some advice on handling my Wells repo.. I have read Why Chat's repo program :grin: and I want to make sure that's the route I should take in my situation. I'll try to keep it short.

Bought and Repo in Washington State, now live in Illinois

Deficiency bal reported on reports: 6700

Original loan around 10500 before junk fees and ext warranty

Had it for 16 months before repo, $279 mo/payments

Still reporting CO monthly on all 3 reports by Wells

Never reported on my report by a CA

I have no public records and can't find any judgements in court records

Repo Oct 2009 (Carfax states lien placed 10/13/09)

It was sold at auction 4 years ago yesterday 11/2/09 per Carfax

Don't recall ever getting any paperwork after repo

I have opted out about a week ago and have removed all addresses except for Exp of course (but still trying)

I have never contacted Wells and never disputed it with them or CRA

The car was a total lemon when I bought it, but it's too late now. Took $7k in work to get it running (new engine and tranny). Learned the hard way why they wouldn't let me buy it without the ext. dealer warranty. :(

Should I follow Why Chat's method in my case?

If not, or if I do and it doesn't work, should I offer a PFD? Maybe starting at $1000? I'll be in college for another 3 years so maybe playing that angle will help get a PFD playing the poor college student...

June '13 fako score 530's - Now 654 for all 3. I imagine this repo is keeping me in this range. No longer have any collections. Did have 7. I have about 4 zero balance CO that are about 4 years old but I'll work on those after the repo.

Thanks for the help and I will gladly post updates!!

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A PFD is useless, plus even if the scum scam CA accepted it and removed the $6700 account on your credit report, they would replace it with a PAID COLLECTION. This would still be a derogatory and because it would be much more recent would REDUCE your scores.




Your car was repossessed, it was sold at auction, there is a $6,700 deficiency balance claimed. Even IF you received ALL the required paperwork, they had 4 years from the date of the auction sale to sue you for the deficiency, which was YESTERDAY.


Follow the guides:



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Thanks Why Chat.


I'm going to call Exp tomorrow and try to remove remaining addresses and if that doesn't work I'll send your "address removal letter." I already have a fraud alert on my reports from 2 months ago because a CA was sending letters to old addresses after notifying them of my new address and slapping a BBB in their lap.


As soon as I remove those address from Exp (already removed all on EQ and TU) i'll get started on the program and send the initial CRA disputes.


If I can get this monster off my report I'll be stoked. Updates will follow for others.

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Small update.


Called Exp and got all addresses removed, EXCEPT the address associated with this account and of course my current addy. Going to continue to call back a few more times today. I have a fraud alert on my account for the past 2 months because a CA was mailing my info to some of my old addresses. Since the CRA really don't like putting freezes on accounts I told them that I was trying to avoid doing that just for an incentive but the didn't budge YET on the one I really needed deleted.


Anywho, I have my initial CRA disputes all ready to go on pretty blue paper with some fancy writing and the relevant copies of my CR. I think they will go in the mail tomorrow regardless if Exp. doesn't remove that address. Updates to follow....



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The last post in this topic was posted 3684 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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