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"Good Riddance To Bill Eliminating Medical Debt From Credit Scores" :(

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Not sure that it's a bad thing.


If this law was in effect, then most people would have no issue paying a JDB collecting on a medical debt since it would essentially force a "PFD". This in turn would drive JDB business.


I am a huge proponent for the HIPAA letter program instead.

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I disagree with the premise of the Forbes article. The main point of the ( again defeated) bill was to prevent having PAID medical bills ruin someone's credit. As it stands now, if someone pays a CA for an 6 year old medical bill ( or any bill for any OC) the account is changed to a paid collection. This would SEEM to be a good thing, but in the perverse World of credit reporting and scoring, it KILLS the person's score, because although it is no longer showing as being OWED, the DATE on the account is 6 years newer and therefore REDUCES their score.


I do not see the logic of the writer contending that someone who PAYS their bills ( even late) is a poorer credit risk than someone who does NOT pay their bills.


As to the implementation of the Affordable Care Act helping those who have no insurance to obtain insurance, yes I agree that this is the goal, however it will take a while for the full benefits to kick in. Remember, ( I am old enough to remember it well) when Medicare first started there was a lot of opposition and it took a long time for the benefits to be fully implemented. ( Then as now, there was a LOT of opposition to the idea of a Governmental Health Care program)



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