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I just came back from a month's long vacation in Europe and had a few questions in regards to FEF. I will be returning before the end of the year and wanted to prepare myself for the next trip.


I used my Amex Platinum everywhere that I could to take advantage of their no FEF offer and it worked out great. I checked the transactions after confirming the exchange rate at the time of purchase and they literally don't charge anything at all. So if the exchange rate was $1.34 per Euro that day, that's what I paid. Unfortunately, American Express was not accepted in too many places. So I was forced to use a VISA in these location. When it came to my Capital One Platinum Venture card, their no FEF policy was obviously an advertising gimmick. The exchange was heavily adjusted in their favor. So while there was "No Foreign Exchange Fee", I was still paying about ~4% in the currency exchange.


Does anyone know of a VISA or Mastercard that adopts the same exchange rate and no FEF policy as Amex Platinum?


Thanks in advance.



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I can only speak about 3 different website I have ordered from. While using a capital one based mastercard, I never paid a FEF.

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I used my Citi Hilton Honors Reserve for my recent trip to French Polynesia and there was no FEF.


I also brought along my PenFed cards as back up but didn't use them.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2599 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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      Thank you Credit board members for a wealth of information.
      It's time to say good bye.
      Relieved after closing accounts.
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      Card used lightly over last 61 days, PIF always. She wants to achieve credit pimp status in the next year!!
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      FACO on TU is 721. The rest are unknown.
      I do have quite a few other cards at this point with about $50k total in CLs ranging from $500 (Target) up to $25k (USAA).
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      Then I start reading about D*. Hmmm. Better check that out. Click the chat button and ask if I can get my Member Since date set back to my original. Sure Mr. D. Let me look that up for you. Is **** correct? Yes sir, that sounds about right. New date shows online before we finish the chat.
      Boom, a brand new CL from 1998.
      Once again, thanks CB. You guys are awesome as usual

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