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HOLY COW, USAA just made my weekend (out of the Blue)


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Back in 2010 I applied for USAA AMEX Cash rewards card and sadly wasn't approved for that but they did offer me a USAA Classic Credit the with a limit of $1500. Fast forward 1 year and I call in for a Credit Limit increase and was told that THIS particular card was not available to receive a CLI and would NEVER be given a CLI.


I then applied for the AMEX Cash Rewards card again and thankfully I was approved this time. I just sock drawered the Visa only using it every 6 months for gas.


Last week they sent my replacement cards for the VISA and I seriously was considering canceling it. Haven't even activated the cards yet when I got a letter from USAA yesterday.


In NUT SHELL they said, CONGRATS, based on your excellent payment history USAA is pleased to upgrade your card ending in XXXX to the following features:

  • No annual fee (didn't have one to begin with)
  • USAA Cash Rewards program (That was new)
  • Low variable Annual Percentage Rate of 12.900% (I like it, I like it a lot)
  • Ability to make Cash Advances and Balance Transfers with your account (That's new)
  • You have a USAA checking account, you can use your card for overdraft protection (new)
  • We've increased your credit limit from $1,500.00 to $14,000 (Holy Cow, I'm speehless)


Your account number is the same, This upgrade doesn't require that you activate a new card, so go ahead, take advantage of these great features and your new credit limit today!


So, that was all out of the blue and totally unexpected. I NEVER thought they would upgrade this card because as you know when you get a secured credit card wtih them it will NEVER be upgraded. Wife has had one for 4 years and her scores are higher than mine and I just made the 800 club last week and they've NEVER upgraded her card.


Of course we KNEW this when she got the secured card. I just figured they would not upgrade this one. for those of you out there that apply for a product and they offer yo a lessor one, "TAKE IT".

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Thank you, thank you very, very much :)


What I love about it is that it was totally out of the blue. I do my very best to not carry any balances (never even had one on this card before) but it is nice that the APR is no longer 19.90 % APR.


The 2 cards that I am carrying a balance on are all at 0% from BT's so I'm not sweating that at all.


I just wish USAA would had out the love to everyone. Not a fan of Full members over partial members at all.


Anyway, thanks guys:)

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The last post in this topic was posted 3798 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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