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ALL LVNV Funding Judgments Void in MD; if awarded when they were not Lic'd

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Finch v. LVNV FUNDING LLC, Md: Court of Special Appeals 2013




Default judgments were entered against each appellant. Appellants thereafter filed a class action in the circuit court, alleging that LVNV was not licensed as a collection agency, as required by Maryland law, when it obtained the underlying district court judgments. Appellants sought to represent a class comprised of all persons against whom LVNV had obtained a judgment for an alleged debt in Maryland state courts during the period of time in which LVNV was unlicensed. The class action complaint asserted five claims. Appellants sought declaratory and injunctive relief, damages for unjust enrichment, and damages for alleged violations of the Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Practices Act and the Maryland Consumer Protection Act. The circuit court dismissed appellants' complaint on the basis that it constituted an impermissible collateral attack on the district court judgments. This appeal followed





For these reasons, we hold that a judgment entered in favor of an unlicensed debt collector constitutes a void judgment as a matter of law. Accordingly, any judgments obtained by LVNV in the district court while operating as an unlicensed collection agency are void.



For the foregoing reasons, we hold that the circuit court erred in dismissing appellants' complaint. LVNV was not licensed when it obtained judgments against appellants in the district court; accordingly, the underlying district court judgments are void. We further hold that parties may collaterally attack a void judgment in another court. The circuit court, therefore, erred by ruling that appellants' complaint constituted an impermissible collateral attack on the district court judgments. Accordingly, we reverse the judgment of the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, and remand for further proceedings consistent with this opinion



read the whole ruling here; http://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=9749006638091405468&hl=en&as_sdt=2,3




So if you were a resident of Maryland, and have a LVNV judgment on your report that was awarded between October 30, 2007 through February 17, 2010


You may be able to have the judgment vacated based on this decision by the MD Special court of Appeals , which is good statewide in any lower court ( small claims, district, magistrate, etc.)


Once the judgment is voided, you can have it deleted off your reports.


Since this has gone back to the circuit courts so that the Class action can go forward - the Class action may take care of it all.



( I'm not a lawyer, and if you need to have a judgment vacated, I suggest you seek out legal advice on how to do this)

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Nice use of regulatory power.



Well, the Appeals Court ruling isn't regulatory power - it's strictly legal decision based on the current regulations.


LVNV has been hammered in MD past few years, one can only hope other states follow suit.


Posted 03 July 2012 - 06:21 PM

MD DLLR announces a settlement. ( they let them off cheap... )





One million dollar Civil penalty,


Dimissal of all 3,500 cases currently in system worth 7.5 Million


( these were stayed by the State court system since November)


Credit of 3.8 Million to all (6,200 approx.) consumers previously sued amounting to the prejudgment interest and attorney fees refund.


and $ 23, 567 in costs to the MD DLLR





And 10,000 other suits dismissed.



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The pending Class Action is in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, Finch v. LVNV Funding. The status of the case is available on the Maryland Judiciary website. The class includes everyone in Maryland who was sued by LVNV between 10/30/07 and 2/17/10, inclusive. The date of judgment is not the relevant date. The Circuit Court dismissed the Class Action. Finch appealed to the Court of Special Appeals, which reversed the Circuit Court and remanded the case, holding that all judgments in those cases filed during the relevant time period are VOID. LVNV petitioned the Court of Appeals to review the decision. On Oct 8, the petition was denied. Next step is to try to return to Circuit Court to get money back to the people who paid money to LVNV on those void judgments. This Class Action will do that. If you are a member of the class, then sooner or later you will receive a notice about this case, unless you moved. If you moved, then you should update your address in the case where LVNV got the judgment against you, and keep track of the case on the Maryland Judiciary website. If a notice is approved, and you dont get one, then it means the case administrator does not have your address.

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I've sued LVNV before and I won. I sued them twice. They settled out of court. If you are dealing with this company, I suggest spending a little bit of money, hiring an attorney and filing suit. It's not when they pay you for their mistakes.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2745 days ago. 


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      Hi all,
      I have a traffic violation in TN (tags expired) from about 6 years ago. I just received a letter from a law office and the letter starts like this..... "A judgment for the above referenced amount has been taken against you for an unpaid citation. The judgment has been referred to this office for enforcement..... If we do not receive payment in full or an arrangement for payment, we are directed to follow the necessary and appropriate procedures to collect this judgment including garnishment or your wages and sale of your non exempt assets." Then the letter goes into your usual 30 day dispute the validity blah blah blah...
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      I beat them through persistence. I beat them by knowing the rules of the game better than their CSR's did. Hell, I beat them by knowing the rules better than the people in their credit reporting department did. I beat them by catching them in lies and in violations I never would have caught if not for this board and all the people here who take so much time to help others.
      As an added bonus, an old paid judgment was also removed today from TU using the WhyChat letter after removing old addresses. TU just got the dispute on the 6th. I have EQ primed and ready with addresses removed, but wanted to make sure it worked with TU with no unintended consequences before moving on to EQ. I still have some addresses to removed from EX, but thanks to the great advice here, I know how to beat that as well.
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      1. Ordered all 3 hard copy reports (all 3 in hand and ready to go)
      2. Opted out
      3. Removed all old addresses from TU & EQ.........Experian is giving me a heck of a time and I need to know if I should move forward or continue to try to get the addresses removed? Experian is currently showing 8 old addresses plus my current address, 3 of the addresses are duplicates of 3 old addresses in different variations.
      1 of the addresses is not my address at all, as a matter of fact this 1 address being reported as mine is actually the address of the company/plaintiff that filed a "judgment" against me in 2012 and there is also a Verizon TL attached to this same address opened 1/2012, reporting since 11/2012 & last reported 6/2014. It's a utility bill for $341 and is reporting on EX & EQ and Verizon is the OC.
      My 1st order of business was the Paid Civil Judgment reporting on all 3 CR's that I looked into public records to see if it was on file and it is not. I was gonna tackle this first using WhyChat's method. Should I still move forward with this even though the address is not cleared from EX? Based on WhyChat's judgment method I strongly believe that if I get this judgment removed then I will be able to get the address removed and dispute the Verizon TL there after.
      2nd order of business is my 7 Medical TL's using WhyChats Hippa method.
      3rd is to DV 13 baddies
      and last but not least I'm currently rehabbing my student loans and then there is a Repo I don't know where to even begin with but I'm choosing to work on that last.
      Any suggestions? Thoughts? Opinions? or Advice? If you need anymore info please let me know and I will be glad to provide.
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      So here is our timeline...
      OC: Cap One
      3/6/2008 opened
      5/2008 DOFD
      11/2008 C/O
      <Account opened, used, charged off in FL. SOL went past while a resident of FL (4y)>
      <Moved to in AFTER all the above and SOL is still past in IN (6y)>
      10/08/14 Sent the first letter to CRAs mentioning the OC and the CA account ( http://whychat.5u.com/initdispltrsol.html )
      10/16/14 TU deleted everything (yay)
      10/17/14 EX removed only the OC
      10/27/14 EQ removed only the OC
      10/27/14 Sent the letter to the CA ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html )
      10/30/14 It was received
      11/01/14 <------ LVNV updated the EQ file and also added about 8$ to the total
      11/03/14 The second round of letters went to the two CRAs ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html#FOLLOW )
      11/07/14 They were delivered
      11/20/14 <------ LVNV updated the EX file and also added about 8$ to the total
      Should I send another letter to LVNV?

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