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  1. I am opted out.
  2. I have deleted all addresses.
  3. I sent dispute letters to each CRA.
  4. The accounts were verified and remain on report. However, I’ve yet to hear anything from the collection agency.
  5. I sent medical dispute validation letter to collection agency.
  6. Then I sent the follow up letter to the CRAs.
  7. Waited 30 days…nothing. So I did steps 5 & 6 again.
  8. Still nothing….

What do I do now?


Other info…


There are two accounts at the same collection agency for two different providers.


Unsure what one account is…Credit report lists Date of first delinquency as 06/2007.


The other one I KNOW I owe. Checked my dental EOB and it all looks correct. DOS 2/2009.


I’m in Oklahoma.


Thanks in advanced for your help. These are the last two medicals on my reports. I've paid everything else and can now file them on my taxes because of this site! Thanks again!!!




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What do you mean by " nothing" from the CRAs in response to the follow up dispute letter?? Go on line and check your reports via the "back door" to see what is going on. DO NOT ENTER A NEW DISPUTE.


They have probably been deleted and you were likely notified somehow online

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Nothing from the CRA's = they haven't deleted the TL's.


The two accounts are still on my reports as of today. I'm a daily puller AND I've checked the back door. (its been 30 days since I've sent the last letter.)


TU deleted immediatly.

EQ deleted one but not the other.

EX both remain.

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Anyone? Should I just go ahead and pay the OC and then try to get the delete later? (for the one I know I owe)


What should I do on the one I'm unsure of?

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