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Broken lease collections in WA

The last post in this topic was posted 2695 days ago. 


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So I have a lease I broke in 2011 in collections that I plan on DV'ing. I'm not afraid of being sued because I could settle if I really needed to. In fact I tried contacting my old apartment managers about paying them directly and they said no, I had to deal with the CA. I don't pay CA's, they pay me - so I need to handle this another way. I have already had this verified in a CRA dispute(all 3 reporting).


I've had some success with very simple DV letters, however this one is a little different. In my state(Washington), when a landlord takes your deposit/you incur additional costs they have 14 days from the day you surrender the property to get you an itemized cost list. Read here. http://apps.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=59.18.280


Neither my wife nor myself recall getting this, and we did leave a forwarding address with the apartment manager. I wonder if there is any way I can use this law to get this off my credit reports, or if I'm just barking up the wrong tree.


My initial plan is to DV them, and attempt a 1-2 punch however I thought I'd bring this to my fellow CB'ers and see what you had to say.


The CA is FCO, and everything I read says I need to play hardball with them.


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The last post in this topic was posted 2695 days ago. 


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    • By LT7
      I have 2 medical collections for 2 different providers being reported to Experian and TransUnion by the same CA and a 3rd collection with Equifax with a different CA.
      I started the HIPAA dispute programs for all them with these results:
      TransUnion:  both items were deleted Experian: both items were verified with a note to contact the CA for more info Equifax:  No Response at all and no deletion  
      I started the HIPAA dispute program  for the Experian collections but skipped the 2nd step of Medical DV to the CA by mistake.  Instead, I  sent money order payments to both the OC's using the HIPAA letter and have copies of the deposited and canceled money orders from my bank.  The collections have not been deleted  and I haven't receive a response from the OC's at all.
      Knowing the I missed the DV step with the CA, what should I do now to continue the process for getting the Experian entries deleted?
      For the Equifax entry with no response, do I just start over again?
      Thank you!
    • By StarkRaven$
      Monday I'll call TU to order a hard copy to have mailed to me of my credit report. Once I receive the paper copy I will ask for help on how to proceed. 
      I have a statement proving this collection is years passed the time allowed to report.
    • By Ynocaus
      I received a collection letter from a law firm called "Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson LLC". It says they are attempting to collect a debt for the PA Office of Inspector General, and it says "Welfare Overpayment". I'm unsure of what this is about, nor do I know any details other than the amount due which is over $2k. 
      The letter also mentions "this is not a threat to file a lawsuit. At this time, no attorney has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account," and it asks for me to call a certain person at the company and gives a phone number.
      1. Since this doesn't mention a 30 day notice, should I still send a DV letter? If not, what is my next step?
      2. Does anyone know what the SOL (if any) would be in PA for a collections concerning "welfare overpayments"? 
      Thank you much!
    • By tanikir2
      I had a bad streak and my Capital One account was charged off and placed with Midland. 1k balance went to 7k and the terms they propose are laughable. I can dispute, but my biggest priorities are avoiding suit/garnishment and short term credit score improvement. Is it best to try to make a payment plan, dispute, or ignore? Is there another option I'm missing?
    • By CCXX2018
      new to the forum (glad I found it) , I have a collection agency called Simon's agency which is trying to collect on an already paid debt , I have reported this to the CFPB but I need your advice on how to proceed further.
      Any help highly appreciated .

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