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Repairing my credit...Shot in the dark?

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:yahoo: Glory be to G :angel: D in the name of Jesus!!!! I tell you all to have faith, repent and trust in him!! He wants ALL his children to be happy! He will move mountains and shake those collectors off ans stay off!! :yahoo:


I just got instant approval for AmexBlue!!! Glory to G_D!! :yes2::dance::clapping:

I put my trust in the lord!!

I unfroze only experian, I had to pay but not sure how much, yet! I want to thank all of the contributors of CB, :yu: and to the lurkers :yu: , you will never regret being on this forum! I have to go to bed now! Be well everyone, and pray! :wave:



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tatianna8020: We have such a diverse membership in our forums, from many backgrounds, from many ethnicities, from many social circles, and from widely diverse political and religious backgrounds, that we expressly forbid any political commentary.


We truly applaud and commend your religious fervor and beliefs, however, there is the possibility that when we allow religious commentary we would be showing favoritism, since it is in conflict with our Terms Of Service.


We appreciate your recognizing this fact, and posting within our Terms Of Service.

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All 3 CR's are squeaky clean!! I unfroze Experian and went on a mini app spree. I applied for Chase Freedom, Citi Diamond Preferred. Both of these cards I knew I wasn't going to get. I was too anxious. I didn't mean to apply for the citi diamond, I really wanted the A*Aadvantage Gold. I called both for recon, and still declined due to lack of credit history. I even asked if Citi can use the recent HP for the A*Advantage card, lady was not very nice. So I will just be happy with my Amex and as they say here in CB universe "going gardening for awhile".

My EX score dropped 4 points due to the inquires, but once the AMEX start reporting it will pick up nicely and with the CL they gave it will boost it higher than it was before, on all three!! :angel: Especially knowing to PIF and have utilization down by the reporting time.

So my current goals cc wise are:


Paypal extra's MasterCard

Barcaley MasterCard

Then I would be just A ok, I would work those cards, and ask for CLI once every 6 months.

I'm going to wait until the Amex reports for a solid 2-3 months then go after my goal cards, Experian will be kept on ice for two years!!

I'll be back to update as my credit repair journey continues to unfold! :wave:

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Congrats on your progress.


Have you thought about establishing a relationship with a credit union and then applying for one of their cards when your done gardening?

I am currently active with a CU now. I have been for quite sometime. I haven't app to any of their cc because the terms SUCK!! and they offer only Visa products. I already have a Visa. I would like to own one of each breed of sharks :rofl: . What my CU do have that is beneficial are the car loan rates!! So far they are the best that I have seen.

I have been hearing a lot about NFCU, PenFed, USAA and one other but can't recall it right now, cool thing is that my Dad was in the Navy but problem is when I try to apply for any membership for said above entity's he is not an active member with them, so I can't get membership. and when I try to tell my Dad about all the benefits he brings up his BK. He is really afraid of trying :cry2: I try to show him how far I have come along in my credit repair but as they say "you can lead the horse to the water but you can't make him drink it".

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can get around that or a way to get membership...SOS!!


Wow I just realized I totally opened up all from one question!! :swoon::)

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Oh and BTW, worth mentioning... I read to ask the creditor ( cc company)

1. Do you report monthly charges?

2. When do you send down the AR tape to the CRA's?


I was wondering why Cap1 was reporting my total monthly charges even when I PIF a week before the statement date and wouldn't use it until it reported tot he CRA's. Well after reading this I see why!!


I am being super :aggressive: with my credit, I have worked so hard and got amazing results! I love CB cause I can come here and vent, plan out load and get educated!! CB rocks!! :clapping:

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I just logged in to my Cap1 mobile app and WOOOHOOOOO my CLI request was approved. I requested 2K and I got it!! :clapping::yahoo::yes2:

Thank :angel:

Yippie!! Now I get to add to credit pulls! AGAIN!! I so wish i would have waited to apply to Chase and Citi. Oh well lesson learned. It is so important to pace on self!

So plan still remains to wait until both cards are reported to all 3 CRA's, wait 6 months and then apply for my goal cards, request CLI with existing cards.

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So much has taken place since the last time I was here in this thread. I have accumulated 7 inq's on experian and got approved for 4 CL. Not bad. Darn you Chase and CIti :aggressive:

I froze ex until well next year I suppose! I start going after lenders that only pulled ex or trans... not bad I got 4 CL!!

The sad thing is that I started to become addicted to applying to cc, I enjoyed the adrenaline and calling lenders through " back doors" just to hear Congratulations Tatianna you have been approved, your credit line is... The adrenaline is real! I have all kinds of companies monitoring my credit, I can't remember who I am paying and why. I began to get numerous emails alerting me that my score has changed. All FAKO, I logged in to see that my score has dropped 54 points :swoon:

Plus I can easily see myself losing my self control. As credit repairing and rebuilding is great, it can easily turn into a monstrous MONSTER if one is not careful. For me this journey or credit repair, than building has become a gift and borderline curse, in the sense that it tempts your self control. I find myself going through credit pulls to see what lender I should target and how much a successful rate I have of getting approved. Was I not on CB to LEARN about repairing, learning how to rebuild and learning how to not relapse to my young dum and straight irresponsible ways. G :angel: D is still good to me and never has stopped, it will be because of my greed that I will turn all his blessing into unwanted, unnecessary out of control trails and tribulations.

I want to share something with everyone on here that is beyond embarrassing. But I must so that hopefully someone can learn from my neglect and greed. Today the electric company comes to knock on the door, my gut told me it was the electric company. I owed them 1k+. I knew this was something that I needed to take care of, but because I was spending all my valuable time on was to get CL, I kept putting it off, straight neglect. I had no one to blame but myself. Even when the electric guy was standing in my face telling me the balance due to avoid interruption, I was thinking about what credit card I can get to charge it to. When he told me he don't take CC's I began to hyper ventilate. Now I have more than enough in my account to pay the account in full, but just the idea of me using my real cash :stop:

Needless to say I started pressing him about going online to pay it via CC, he adamantly told me NO it can't be done. My 6th sense said try, :yes2: it worked and he was pissed :angry:

So not only did I get to keep my cash on reserve but I just earned reward points for using the CC for utility bills :yes2: He said to me that I was lucky, I said no there is an :angel: around me!! 'The point is that I personally feel that it is very easy to relapse into debit, or diminish your hard worked 720+ credit score as I have now done. Today was a reality check. I am done. I just got approved for my last CC that I applied for. I'm freezing everything. You can try to catch a glimpse of me laying comfy cozy on my plush green lawn with my pink roses and lilies just beginning to sprout!!! IN MY GARDEN I love this view and it will be my view, peace of mind and appreciation for a very very long time!!! All it will take to see it blossom nicely is a little bit of water aka utilization under 30% of ALL CL combined and replenishment from my sub prime CASH!! :grin:

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The last post in this topic was posted 2474 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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