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Over 700 and didn't even know it!

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So, last month I obsolete disputed some old school loans that were set to fall off in November of this year with TU. They had multiple delinquencies including a few for 180 days late and it must have been killing my score. Tonight I realized that I hadn't checked my TU score on Walmart yet for this month so I decided to see what it was. 718! I had no idea I had broken the 700 mark yet. I even have a bk7 discharged in 5/12 and a dismissed one from 04 on there (unless one of them miraculously fell off or something.) Last month Walmart FICO was 663. This month, 718. Crazy! So, I decided to push the increase button on Walmart, which only took me from 300 to 500. Lowes took me from 400 to 1050 and I applied for Care Credit (which I was never able to get before) for 20,000 and got 10,000 (!!!) which is the highest limit I have had by far.

Some questions:

1. Should I hold still and not do anything else or should I recon some of my GERCB cards, since they gave me small increases? If I recon, should I wait until Care credit hits the report?

2. Did i shoot myself in the foot by hitting the love buttons, or are those just SPs?

3. Might Barclays increase my limit from the measly 500 or should I again, wait for the bigger limit to hit the reports?

4. Are there any TU pullers that anyone might recommend (besides Navy, I can't get in.)

5. Should I possibly hit up the EO for my two Cap1 cards, even though I have a balance on both of them right now, or should I pay them down and hit up EO?

Thanks for your help! Thanks so much to this board!

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I checked and it appears that the BKs are still there. And they are both reporting incorrectly. I have been bugging TU about that for a while now and they never get it right. They are now the only 2 bad things left on my report. Everything else is positive.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2789 days ago. 


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