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schumacker group sent to collection

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Went to the emergency room in Oct 2012 and ended up admitted to the hospital for 4 days. The emergency room doctor was obviously out of network. However, my eob stated that they paid them, as if they were in network and that I owed them $26.22. I sent that money on 1/13 and followed the directions of the eob, sent copies to my insurance and schumacker cashed my check. Forward to 30 day ago. I get a collection letter from a company I don't know, collecting for TSG,Inc. I had no idea who either of these companies were but knew it was medical because of the name changes. It took a lot of investigation and phone calls to figure this all out. In the mean time I sent the validation letter, because I had no idea. The collection company has appeared to ignore my request and continued to send me letters and there was no mistake, as they signed for the letter on the 1st and this new collection letter was printed on the 7th.


I started talking to schumacker group after I found what was going on. The reps were impossible to deal with and the first one requested I send a fax, which I did, 7 pages total. Finally, 4 phone calls later I get a supervisor and I resend the fax because the last one was lost in space. I get a phone call from the supervisor that she does have my new fax and to give her 48 hrs to investigate and she'll get back to me. She also "promises" me that she'll pull it back from account from the collection company. So forward a week, no communication from schumacker, as promised. However, the collection company continues to try to collect.


I don't believe I owe this based on my EOB and the insurance company stated that they will speak with schumacker but they assumed it was taken care of because they did contact them in January.


Next steps? If this gets on my credit report, I'm going to lose it. It's going to tank my score, which is really good and cause so much hassle.

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Follow these steps::




If, as you say it hasn't been put on your reports yet, then send the CA the medical DV:



If it IS on your reports, then follow the HIPAA letter program:



Once your accounts get messed up by the billing dept. of a health care provider it is VERY difficult to get THEM to straighten things out, no matter WHAT they promise.

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