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Fixing some on my own- maybe you can help me further my cause


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Hi all,


First time posting, but here's the deal- a few years back I hit a few life bumps and the ol' credit report took a beating. Not that it has ever been all that great, but that has all changed. I am being responsible and taking care of business. I laid low for many years and just let the dust settle and the slate be wiped clean- suffer for my previous mess ups but learned good lessons. I currently have two CA's (non-paid) lingering out there- one is a CC that is due to drop off in 6/2014 the other is an old checking account due to drop off in 12/2014.


There are 4 more accounts out there dealing with 2 student loans with Nelnet. When I was out of work in 2009 and couldn't pay and had used up all my available deferrals- they showed 120+Late and sent them over to the state government insurer who promptly put in a wage ganishment when they learned I had started back to work. At the end of that garnishment my employer stopped taking out the payments at the amount of the original garnishment. Only thing is- there were real small balances of accrued interest (less than $20 each) that I was not aware of and I don't recall ever being notified of. After about 6 months they wrote these off and closed the accounts reporting as Settled for less than Balance, 120+Late.


I tried to dispute the student loans in 2/13, but not sure what to dispute because yes they are mine. Now, the Nelnet says - Transferred to Government 2/13- when they were transferred in 6/10.


In the mean time I have started rebuilding on my own- I applied for a Capital One and was approved for a measly $300 in 2/13 and enrolled me in the credit steps program where in 6 months I would be eligible for CLI up to $500. I gardened that account just using it and paying it off each month. Saw my scores start climbing little by little. Then just 5 months after opening the account Capital One gave me an automatic CLI of $3,000...YEAH SHOCKED to say the least- but wildly ecstatic!! So total CL of $3,300! Scores are up about 90 pts all the way around from where I started 6 moths ago. Still in mid to upper 600's- (640-680).


I did have a really OLD CA report on TU last month, but I knew that I had paid that bill 3 years ago to the OC. I disputed and within 24 hrs it was deleted!!


Then I applied for a pre-qualify notice with USAA. Was approved for a CL of $5,000. WOW I think to myself- I am doing great. Then they report first thing yesterday and scores are down about 45-55 across the board.... Hope I didn't just mess up this good thing I got going on...


Anything I can do about the baddies? Any thoughts on what else I can continue to do to grow the scores? Like I say- I have got it started just need a little extra momentum.

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RJM is easy to get rid of do some searches here and read about others experience with them. Midland is tough, they do not PFD. It is possible to get them deleted but your going to have to figure something out. There are lots of threads about Midland search and read.


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Thanks ding and Tx-Bluebonnet for helping on where to look for previous questions regarding these creditors. So- let me fish for some ego stroking... Does it sound like I am on the right track in your opinion with my rebuild efforts and the progress I am making?

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The last post in this topic was posted 3845 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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