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Addresses deleted, Opted out...now what? WhyChat

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So I have my old addresses deleted. I received a reply from the last bureau yesterday (took them long enough). I opted out also. Now I know I'm supposed to send Debt Verification letters to the bureau.

I'm scared to send them.
What happens if I send them, they verify....are they going to put the old addresses back onto my credit report?

If I send these letters, will the collection agencies start calling me again (for the ones that aren't paid) or will the ones that are paid be renewed?


I'm terribly nervous. My goal is the move my score up about 50 pts by the time all this is completed. Enough to get a mortgage at a decent rate. Its my last chance to do anything.

Medical debt is the ONLY negative thing on my credit report....its driving me crazy how lack of insurance for 6 months and getting seriously ill, led to all this drama and ruined my life.

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I am in the same situation, wanting to buy a house and the only thing that is holding me up is medical collections. I have sent out my Debt Verification to Transunion and Equifax still waiting on Experian to delete the wrong ss# and some addresses. I mailed my letter to Transunion and Equifax on 8/8. Transunion deleted everything when I looked a credit karma and Equifax deleted 1. I hope there not finished. I'm so excited I am so glad I found Why chats page. So don't be scared because it works. THANKS WHY CHAT!!!!!


Did I mentioned that Transunion deleted 8 collections! :rofl::yahoo:

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If you followed the instructions here:




Opted out, deleted old addresses and are working from REAL credit reports, then the next steps are HERE:




There is nothing to fear from using the dispute letter to each CRA




The WORSE that can happen is that one or more accounts from one or more CRAs will be verified and you will have to go to the next step. How old are these medical accounts?? ( date of medical service)

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About 3 years old. from April 2010. I remember when I got sick. I've paid some off already....do those get deleted also? Just a question



If they are reporting and you include them in the dispute letter, yes they will get deleted.


There are follow up letters that go to the reporting CAs depending on how the accounts are reporting.

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So I have two more I need to pay...the other I paid directly to the hospital. Worked out great...but there are two that I have NO IDEA who they are. The names on my credit report are so generic that I can't figure out who to pay.

How do I handle this?
My credit score went up...which is good and I know that if these last two are removed I am in the home clear. I don't want to call the collect agency because tehy harass you if you do that. Who can I call?

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The last post in this topic was posted 3669 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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