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is this delinquent account worth pay off?

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I just signed up to this website today, and I am still not quite sure how it all works. I tried looking through some of the posts for the answer to my question, but the site was so big it was kind of overwhelming.


Anyway, my question is, is that I just viewed my credit report and found that I have a medical account for $1000 that was first opened in november 1 2007. it was then updated november 1 2008. I never made any payments to this account (I was not aware of it until now). I read that after 7 years any delinquent account is deleted from your report. Is this true? and if it is, would it be from 2007 or 2008? with there only being 1 year left before it is deleted, would it even be worth trying to pay off?


I only have 2 open accounts that I am paying off on my report, and have paid off a car. one of the accounts is a couple of months away from being paid off, and the other is a revolving account. my score is pretty low right now, but I figure it would go up significantly when I pay off one of the accounts in a few months. is this true?


I know I have lots of questions, but I am really just starting out with a family and just now paying attention to my credit. i'm a little overwhelmed!!

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Follow the guide:




You will be using the HIPAA letter program:




Opting out and deleting old addresses ( if you have moved since the date of medical service) is the first step in clearing your reports of ALL kinds of bad stuff. The initial dispute letter in the HIPAA letter program will likely get the medical account deleted. Once that is done, you can send a dispute letter from the SOL letter program to get other accounts deleted. If you wait until they "fall off" you run the risk of having a different CA pick up the accounts and re-age them on your reports.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2842 days ago. 


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    • By Fred030
      Greeting Everyone,
      I am a new member. I want to thank all of you for your sincere efforts and guidance. Devoting time to help others is actually a best good some could offer. Thank you all.
      Now about me.
      I am working to clean up my credit. I have a student loan that is currently under deferment until 02/2016. Back in 2014, When it went to repayment phase, I was overseas. By the time I cam back in Aug 2014, the loan was already 180 Days late. I applied for Econ Harship that was granted and back dated to Feb 2014(The original date when the repayment was due). I have recently noticed that it is being reported to my Credit File as 180 days late despite Econ Hardship Deferment back dating.I disputed with the CRA but it came back as "updated" with same late data.
      I think my question is how I can resolve this with the CRA. The OC does not seems to understand that Econ deferment means as if the loan is being paid as agreed, and unwilling to report a removal of late status. My understanding is that when deferment is back dated it reads as no default has been occurred and loan is being paid as agreed. Is it possible that contest it of justify it through precedents are legal aspects. I may be misunderstanding. Please help me.
    • By midwesties
      Well, I'm on my journey to try and buy a house. My scores are currently EQ 635, EXP 585, TU 601. One of the major things hurting me are my student loans. 15 months ago I allowed them to go 90 days delinquent before I got smart and decided to fix my credit. I paid one monthly payment to Nelnet, but at the time there were 9 different accounts, but only 1 bill.
      So, the dilemma is, I paid one payment, received one bill, but the delinquencies show as 9 separate delinquencies. I am hoping that in November I may see a bump in the credit, as the delinquencies will all be over 12 months old. But, is there any way to get the credit bureau's to show this as one delinquency in stead of 9? I received one bill, and made one payment. I didn't even know I had 9 different accounts until I looked up my credit report. Help!
    • By The Destroyer
      I just got a Midland tradeline deleted from my credit reports.
      I first submitted a DV and Midland quickly validated (the debt was legit). I called Midland to settle* -- I offered to pay in full ($200) if Midland agreed to delete the tradeline from my 3 credit reports. They refused, saying they would only update the tradeline to paid in full.
      I ended up walking into a brick and mortar T-Mobile store and asking to check on the status of an old account I had with them. The T-Mobile agent told me the account had been sold to a CA, but I asked if he could call customer service and see if I could pay the account right there in full. After a quick call, corporate agreed, and I walked out with a paid in full receipt showing my account number, phone number, address, and name on the account.
      I faxed a letter and receipt to Midland disputing the charges as already paid in full to T-Mobile and demanding they delete the their three reported negative tradelines from my credit report.
      I was denied via mail.
      I called Midland and asked them to explain the denial. I again explained my dispute verbally. After a few minutes on hold, Midland's customer service representative told me they agreed with my dispute and were going to be deleting the tradelines.
      The entire process took 15 days.
      A few takeaways: I read tons of horror stories about Midland on these boards. If you can afford it, I think (when trying to delete T-Mobile related tradelines with Midlands) this method is the easiest way to do it. After Midland agreed to delete, I filed a dispute with the three CRA and it speeds up the process of the change showing up on your credit report.
      *Many people say not to call their consumer support, but if you let them know you are recording the conversation and you're knowledgable about your FCRA rights, I have always found disputing faster via phone.
    • By NTB
      Macy's had two 30 day lates on all 3 of my CRs. Almost 2 months ago, I wrote to Macy's with a DV style letter asking them to verify/validate the lates. After a month, I got impatient and wrote to all 3 CRAs with an enclosed copy of my letter to Macy's along with the certified mail receipt. I simply stated that Macy's hadn't responded to my letter.
      While on the phone with an EX CSR last week, it asked her to delete the lates from Macy's because I felt they were obsolete. She denied me by stating that they had more than a year left. Oh well. It was worth a shot. Now during this time, I have opened a new Macy's account and Macy's has closed my old account. However, I have left the new account dormant so that it doesn't show on my CRs.
      This morning I checked my EQ CR and Macy's trade lines have been deleted. Just waiting on TU and EX to follow suit. If TU and EX end up not deleting my lates from Macy's, do you think that I could dispute by sending in a copy of my new account with a copy of my new card stating that the old Macy's account is not mine?
      P.S. Macy's eventually answered my letter stating that the lates had been verified as correct. BAHAHA!!!! Of course they verified.

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