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Chexsystem & Second-Chance Accounts have Exclusions

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I've had several problems with Chexsystems and looked into opening a second chance bank account with Andrews Fed Credit Union and PNC. Both banks supposedly have the best second chance programs, but what isn't advertised are the exclusions.


#1 - Yes, you can get open up a 2nd-chance bank account with those institutions as long as the total amount(s) reported by Chexsystems is less than $500. There is no room for leniency; a dollar over and you're out of luck.


But I must say, the new account rep was friendly, non-judgemental and advised to just send money towards the accounts listed because at least it shows that you are trying to rectify your past actions, and perhaps some banks will look at that favorably.


#2 - New account reps use automated software to open these accounts but those new accounts still get run through their fraud dept. If you are listed on the proprietary EWS - early warning system, then they will close the account typically within 14 to 30 days. Only the larger banks are using this system now because they charge so darn much. I guess that why so many people get that letter about a closure after they've successfully opened the account.


Such a waste of time going to open these advertised accounts only to find out they have exclusions.


#3 - By now, everyone probably knows to refute anything listed on Chexsystems, but did you know much of that information is created out of thin air? Chexsystem has 2 bank accounts listed on their in my name, but not only have I never had accounts at those banks, but both banks verified to me that there is no such account.


There has never been an account listed in my name at those banks;

There is no account with those numbers at the bank(s);


No one knows where Chexsystems got this information and they have the nerve to still have it listed??



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The last post in this topic was posted 2999 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By soblue
      Hello!! Ok so here is my dilemma. Not sure if this is the right forum.
      I’m 25 years old and just discovered what Chexsystem is. I lost my job and my checking account became overdrawn for $420 dollars. Half of which are fees from TD Bank. I contacted TD immediately after I received my first paycheck and they said they were in the process of closing my account it was on day 61; so I just missed it by a day!! Grrrrr! I begged and pleaded ask to speak to supervisors and all I got was there is nothing we could do.

      So, I hopped online and back on this board and after reading through everything I went the next day which was this past Tuesday and opened up 4 checking accounts Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citizens Bank and local Credit Union. I didn’t want to take any chances on when they would report me to Chexsystems so I just went the very next day. From what I’ve read once you’re in ChexSystems you can’t open a checking account for 5 years! That’s crazy! There is no way I could go 5 years. The reason I opened 4 is because I saw where some accounts were closed because the bank did a Chexsystems sweep, so I figure out of 4 I have a better chance of having at least one stay open. My other reasons are because I need to establish credit; so I want to get secured credit cards with all these banks and start utilizing.

      My credit file was blank up until last year. I have 2 collections, one medical and one is from an AT&T bill and I am assuming now the one from TD bank will appear soon. I just started working with Credit saint credit repair (heard good things about them and good BBB rating) I’m not that savvy in contacting the bureaus myself.
      OK so basically I just need a game plan at this point on how to establish my credit from this point on and rebuild. I REALLY hate I let these stupid 3 things even get on my file! Please help and sorry for the long rant!
    • By stw
      I have an entry on Chexsystems that is almost five years old. It actually doesn't even belong to me, but rather to my father with whom I share my name. The last four digits of the SSN on the report don't even closely match mine. However, Chexsystems is steadfast in their refusal to remove it.
      To that end, I have had to circumvent Chexsystems and open my accounts at banks that do not subscribe to that silly service. In my experience, there are many credit unions that do not pull Chexsystems, including NASA FCU, PSECU, PenFed, Navy Federal, Apple FCU are just a few. I know Dept. of Commerce FCU unquestionably pulls Chexsystems, as does Alliant FCU, SECU, Georgia's Own, Congressional Federal and Dept. of Agriculture FCU. Additionally, I've found from experience that Chase and Citi uses Chexsystems, but SunTrust, TD, USAA and WF do not.
      I have come to realize, much to my satisfaction and surely to their chagrin, that Chexsystems' relevance and influence in the banking industry is slowly eroding. I hope this helps those of you who are stuck under the thumb of Chexsystems.
    • By jhall1255
      Hi I just applied for the bank Simple.com online and was declined.
      The Reasons from chexsystems were as followed:
      Credit Score: 0532 Score Date: 7/30/2014 5:25:52 PM

      The key factors that adversely affected your score are as follows:

      1 previous inquiries by 1 Fl(s)
      My credit score has never been this low before and I just had a credit report done 2 years ago and it didn't say any of these things. So i'm curious what these mean. I know I have a bad bank account with a Small bank in another state that I had but Im working on paying that off. we recently moved but at the end of our lease so im confused on the current address change history.
      Any help on what all of these mean would be greatly appreciated!
    • By needabank
      So I have reviewed various sources of info about the process of disputing an item in Chexsystems and am confused about 1) how many letters to write and 2) if more than one letter, what should I be requesting at each step.
      If I feel I have legit dispute should the first letter I send just ask for verification of the negative information? Meaning I would not provide any evidence to dispute at this stage.
      Assuming the Chexsystem can verify the item I then ask fo reivestigation? Use the Chexsystem pdf or write my own letter?
    • By HoustonLynne
      I know we have a Chex forum, and I've gotten help from there on a more Chex-specific issue, but this is more about FCRA and CRAs, in general. I want to file a complaint with the CFPB, but before I do, I thought I'd check with the pros.
      I disputed a misspelling of my first name (it's missing a letter) on my Chex report, and this is how they replied:
      (Let's say my name is Suzie Qewe.)
      "In addition, our records indicate that the disputed name Suie Qewe was provided by you in previous contact with us. Therefore, it has been retained in your consumer file. Should you wish ChexSystems to pursue this matter further, we must first receive a notarized statement confirming that this address does not belong to and has not been used by you. Once we have received this notarized statement, we will be happy to review the situation further and will inform you of any actions taken."
      Keep in mind that the sentence combines reference to a misspelled name and "address"...this makes no sense.
      And if I am the one who allegedly "furnished" this data to them, don't I have a duty to correct?? I included a copy of my TXDL, so they were looking at proof of identity. Do my creditors send notarized statements when THEY correct furnished data...?? (Nevermind the fact that I know how to spell my name, so I seriously doubt I furnished this data.)

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