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Midland (MCM) Success - Preciate ya WHYCHAT

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Happy to say that after DVing Midland for the fiance with the basic DV from WhyChat's Page, Midland has responded to an out of SOL T-Mobile debt saying ...


"Based on the information provided to use, we have instructed the three major credit reporting agencies to delete the above referenced MCM account from your credit file. Blah Blah Blah Blah"


Thanks CB... Thanks WhyChat.. Pressing Forward!

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That is great. I only have Midland and it's not even mine.


It's not even alot of money that I can pay it in payment only $1429 but why should I pay for deletion when

it's not even mine.


thank you guys and glad this worked out for you guys.

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The last post in this topic was posted 2816 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By ShootMeInTheFace
      I am just starting out. I have opted out and requested paper reports. I am waiting for them now. I will dispute all old addresses when they arrive.
      I've read the whychat hippa method many times. I'm just wondering if it would be OK to dispute all 14 all at once or if I should break hem up?
      Thank you!!
    • By prosper711
      1. I had a Midland (ugh) account that I dispute with Midland, they agreed to tell the CRA's to delete it. TU and EX did so promptly, it has been 5 weeks and it is still on EQ.
      2. Verizon Wireless, after 2 years just mysteriously disappeared from TU, then a day later from EX. 1 week later it is still on EQ.
      Does EQ just not delete if they are told to by the creditors? And a side note wondering why Verizon deleted after only 2 years anyway?
    • By kkk1
      I have two collection accts. with Midland. One is for $870 and the other for $940 or so. I have disputed (the original amounts were incorrect) and they came back corrected and verified. Should I attempt PFD? If that's a no-go, should I PIF or just try to settle for a lesser amount. They send me offers every few months to settle for around $540 each. It's another 3 years before they SOL is up and I'd like to get them off/paid before then so I can get my credit back in order.
    • By anthrilliel
      So here is our timeline...
      OC: Cap One
      3/6/2008 opened
      5/2008 DOFD
      11/2008 C/O
      <Account opened, used, charged off in FL. SOL went past while a resident of FL (4y)>
      <Moved to in AFTER all the above and SOL is still past in IN (6y)>
      10/08/14 Sent the first letter to CRAs mentioning the OC and the CA account ( http://whychat.5u.com/initdispltrsol.html )
      10/16/14 TU deleted everything (yay)
      10/17/14 EX removed only the OC
      10/27/14 EQ removed only the OC
      10/27/14 Sent the letter to the CA ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html )
      10/30/14 It was received
      11/01/14 <------ LVNV updated the EQ file and also added about 8$ to the total
      11/03/14 The second round of letters went to the two CRAs ( http://whychat.5u.com/nottoca.html#FOLLOW )
      11/07/14 They were delivered
      11/20/14 <------ LVNV updated the EX file and also added about 8$ to the total
      Should I send another letter to LVNV?
    • By bigcreditmess
      Just a note:
      I've already opted out, I've requested old addresses to be removed, I've ordered paper reports - I do have a TU from online as a 'summary' for now.
      Today I received a letter from Midland/MCM that they are the new owner of my Credit One credit card with a balance of $648.17. I'm about 120 days
      behind and I guess they sold it. I do owe the money.
      That said....the letter states they are the new owner and considering forwarding this account for possible litigation. If they don't hear from me by 12/15 they'll proceed.
      To stop from continuing I need to mail $300 or call to see if I qualify for discounts or payment plans.
      Then at the bottom it says "we will not report your debt to the credit bureaus if you set up a payment plan, make a payment by 1/31/15 and make all payments as agreed."

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