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I have decided its time to rebuild my personal credit after running from it for the last two years! :yahoo: I just opened a NFCU Secured Card for $600 last week. I would like to also open a Shares Secured Loan with $1000. I'm wondering if its a good idea to open two secured products in the same month or should i just be happy with one secured credit card. I understand that I need a revolving and installment loan on my credit report to raise my Fico score but I don't want to lower my score by opening two products from the same institution. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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Yes, get the secured shares loan, even if you have installment loans on your report. It will help prove yourself to NFCU. I really feel my shares loan helped get a $10,000 credit card approval. Even if it doesn't help, it also doesn't hurt :grin:

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The last post in this topic was posted 2786 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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    • By mendelssohn
      Like the title says.
      It expires Feb 28.
      Check your email. I can't find a link on the website and all that was provided was a form to submit electronically.
    • By MistralsDaughter
      I am the newest girl in navy blue!
      Totally giddy. I read so many great things about NFCU here.
      Just got off the phone with the recruiter's office which is open 24/7.
      My mom is a DoD civilian at Vandenburg.
      How long to wait until I should apply for a CC or CLOC? And which one(s)?
      Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks in advance!
    • By OnMyOwnMom
      Question for those of you with this card...what does your credit limit say when you log into your account online? Just your deposit amount or some crazy high limit? I think someone made a mistake! lol
    • By OnMyOwnMom
      Hi, everyone. I have gone through the master secured cards thread here, and I am thinking that one or two of the three would be my best options.
      SDFCU (I am a member) Wells Fargo US Bank  
      What I have questions about are:
      In the thread, it seems like it states that SDFCU is chex sensitive, but I am missing if that is for membership only or for secured app too...it looks like they don't check credit for secured card, but do they run you through chex again? I think I got into chex after I became a member with SDFCU. Am I safe applying for SDFCU Secured Card if I am in Chex but already a SDFCU member? Well Fargo - pulls Experian, but I couldn't see anywhere if it is Chex sensitive or not? And it MAY graduate someday? US Bank - same as Wells Fargo question about Chex? Pro - this one actually should graduate after 12 months....I am leaning in this direction if I can get in ***Capital One doesn't like me right now because of judgement I was never served for and am trying to get vacated, so they are not an option...I know we would all tend to suggest them ;-)
      Thanks in advance for your advice. I am trying to clean up my chex report, I just got it in the mail and it will take awhile. I would like to get a secured card on my reports asap in the meanwhile.
    • By Atl-Marcos
      I'm wondering if there is a limit to the amount I should put in a secured card that has the potential to graduate. I could put the maximum of $25k in, however I'm worried if I have too high of a limit whether that would stop it from graduating. In about a year's time I expect I'll have a credit score of 660-700. But this would be my only high limit card, as my other card would be a stupid Capital One of $300.
      I'm wondering if it makes more sense to keep my limit closer to $3-5k and hope that makes more sense for them to graduate. My reasoning is it's one thing to unsecure $3k and a totally different thing to unsecure $25k. It's with my local credit union, so not sure if it makes a difference how much money I have in different accounts. What is the most that people have seen graduate? I would guess they couldn't do a partial graduation, so they have to bite off the whole chunk or none of it.

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