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USDA guaranteed - our homebuying update

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Hello! Well, we are moved in. But we have had a lot of issues along the way. We got the keys, and the realtor had failed to put propane in the tank. That was during an arctic freeze. She sent a plumber, but he was a dud. Now it's been several weeks since she promised she would send another one and the weather is not cooperating. In the last 30 days, my kids have only been to school 12 days due to the weather and two sick days. The night we started moving into the house. The kids had a snow day on the 17th, and they were off that Monday for Martin Luther King day, so that had made a four day weekend and the only weekend our family could come from out of town. We moved with a big truck on that Monday, and by midnight we still weren't done. It had started to snow, and didn't stop. Our kids were home for the rest of that week and we couldn't move except a few trips here and there in between dh's work schedule, the weather cooperating, and other issues. We are still not completely moved, but 80% of our stuff is here. Overall, we love the house! We are finding out new things about it - not all good. The huge family room addition (which was a garage conversion) does not get adequate heat, nor does the bonus room. So, that turned into a huge storage area for the time being. Our "master" bathroom has an addition with the same problem. So, when you go to take a nice jacuzzi bath, you have to use scalding hot water otherwise it will be freezing cold by the time the tub fills up and you get in! All the plumbing seems to be working except we have one leak in the laundry room, but we have decided with as much trouble as the relator is giving us, it's a small fix and she wants "proof" that it's the result of freezing pipes, etc. We are likely just going to fix it ourselves and ask her to reimburse us for the materials. I doubt it will cost more than $20 to fix it. The water softener doesn't work yet, but we haven't tried to get it to work because it needs to be primed. We have a friend coming in a few weeks who is going to help us with it. The biggest disappointment was the dishwasher! It doesn't power on. It's brand new. Can't find a plug in the cabinet next to it, so we called the manufacturer and they tell us that likely the person didn't plug it into power in the back or wire it up or something. We will have to pay someone to come out. Thankfully we have a 1 year warranty, so in a few weeks when or if the weather clears up, we will start getting people to come out to repair or inspect things. We did have an energy audit and that was better than we thought it would go. Very little work needed, just some extra insulation and some caulking here and there. Might have to have two of the doors squared up, but we know someone who will do it relatively cheap. Can't post pictures right now because my office is not set up. I'm using a computer at my kitchen counter and I have no idea where things are because we are still unpacking.


As I said, overall we are happy. Little issues are to be expected. Things happen. Nothing in life is perfect. But, we are working through it all, and it's so nice to be in our "dream" house. Still doesn't seem real!

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Congrats!!! What a loooong awaited victory for you !!!!


If I remember right, you were able to purchase this home while already having a home in your name (after BK) ... Correct?

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Yes, we filed bk7 in 2005, discharged January 2006. Stayed and paid until around 2 1/2-3 years ago. Hit a small bump in the road. Bank advised to stop paying to qualify for a modification. Things went downhill from there. Bank failed at two attempted foreclosures and then agreed last year to modification. We started shopping around to see if it was possible to get a home since we had no financial obligation to the one we were in. Several people at USDA told us it was possible because our bk was over 3 years old (actually, it was over 7 and had fallen off the credit reports). The house was at that time, in dh's and my name, but we did a quit claim. Then they asked us to revise the quit claim to include dower rights (because we are in a dower rights state). We did that. So "technically" the home is only in my name. Dh applied for the new mortgage in his name only and the home is in his name only. The other house is still in my name "technically" and the bank has not even started foreclosure yet although we stopped paying our modification a few months ago when we found out that the documents were not written correctly. The bank did correct them, but we were already in the process of buying the new home, so we just stopped making payments. I cannot add my name to the new home until after the other house is taken out of my name. We are hoping the bank will consider a deed-in-lieu so we can be completely finished with that house, however, we are still trying to get the last of our items (delayed moving the rest due to the snow/ice storm we had) before that happens. I hope that clears up any questions.

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It looks like you filed for BK again just months after you closed.


What happened?



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