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Expert Advice on Old Addresses Please?


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I turned a friend onto CB to start the rebuild process, scores around 500, and as is advised, he wants to opt out and remove old addresses.


The issue is:


His credit went bad in 2008/2009. Since then, he has moved several times, but sort of stayed off the grid living with family, friends, girlfriend.


Drivers license which expires later this year still has 2009 address, but otherwise he has not had so much as a utility bill in his name in 4-5 years.


The address listed as current with the CRAs was his home 4-5 years ago, which has long-since been foreclosed. The other addresses are far more than a decade old.


He likely cannot remove all the old addresses without providing a new current address, right?


Will the CRAs just take his word for it, as he has nothing with his current address on it?


Or, does he need some sort of ID, utility bill, tradeline, etc. which he can provide to the CRAs as current in order to get old ones removed?


Also, as the SOL in PA is 4 years, any of these old credit cards would be outside SOL for suit. But will putting a new address on file, and working to repair credit, suddenly bring every collector and JDB out of the woodwork?



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He should first update his DL as it is the law. Next send a request to remove old addresses to EQ and TR along with a DL, copy of SS, and a current utility bill. That should work.


Now Experian will only delete addresses not tied to a tradeline. Check the address ID numbers against all tradelines. Any that are not tied to a tradeline they will delete using there automated phone line. You give them the ID numbers on the phone and they will delete as long as not tied to a tradeline.

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I will make sure he fixes the DL. He recently moved to another state, so was going to have to fix it anyway.


I do have a question though, but not specifically related to his issues, more of a follow-up to your reply:


How do you tell what addresses are tied to what tradeline? Is that related only to EX, or can you tell on other reports what address each TL is tied to?

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EX is the only one that normaly gives you trouble on addresses.


Each tradeline has an address number associated with it. In personal info section of the CR there is a list of address with numbers for each address.


Check off the address numbers on each tradeline with the list in the personal info section. Any address numbers left over can be disputed off by phone or mail if you prefer.

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What sort of reports are you using?


I use SmartCredit, Experian Credit Tracker, and recently added a daily puller for Equifax here that was the $4.95 special.


None have any sort of numbers associated with the address, nor any indication in the account section of what address is tied to the account.


I also have hard-paper copies directly from TU, EQ, and EX from within the last month and MyFico versions from TU and EQ.


All list three addresses, and the dates reported, and no other identifiers?


Appreciate the help!

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The last post in this topic was posted 3546 days ago. 


We strongly encourage you to start a new post instead of replying to this one.

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