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New Eq Counter-go to last page for updated counters

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I have a couple of feature requests...


Could you separate the counted from the uncounted softs in separate sections (probably with the counted soft section at the top)? Within each list (counted and uncounted) maybe an alpha sort?


I want to reiterate again how much I appreciate this tool.




Ok, it's up with the changes. Thanks for the requests. When you (or anyone else) get a minute, take a look and test it a bit. Let me know if there are any issues or if you had something else in mind.


I set it up so you'll have to check the box to include that functionality. This way if there are any problems/bugs with the new stuff, at least the basic functionality is still there. So if the check box is checked, it'll include two breakdowns on the bottom. One of the counted inquiries and a second of the inquiries not counted. Both alpha sorted, but the not-counted breakdown also sorts based on why it wasn't counted (either it's always ignored, or it was prior to the date specified).


As always, everyone feel free to add any feedback, issues, or feature requests.




The domain http://navitechsolutions.com:80/EqCounter/ has expired. So as of right now there are no more working counters left.

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I read through the whole topic... how do u use this


Unless you're being c*, learn to manually count and don't use the counter. Methods to obtain a list of your softs can cause c*.

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Thanks I realized that I kept trying to find it but read another one and decided it's best to just let it happen naturally I've had 3 bumps on TU in the last week

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I wrote a TU counter in case anyone is interested... :P

grep -B 1 Permissible | grep Requested | awk 'BEGIN{FS=","} {sum += NF}; END {print sum}'

Probably possible to do this in an awk one liner, but mu awk-Freedom Unlimited is lacking.

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nice first post


except the EQ count doesn't work at all.


not even sure what's wrong, it's showing me 13 when I have 64.


also there's a pretty good EQ counter already at




haven't tested the TU counter.

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your formatting maybe off. Also, please see the NOTE regarding which inqs are not counted.

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